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    I use the BLES version and this problem of shutdown occurs too in the BLES version , but this problem is just in DEVIL MAY CRAY 3 , devil may cry 1-2 don't have this bug. I think they forgot to fix something in the DMC3.PPU.SELF , maybe they can try fix again this problem.

    my fear is break my ps3 with this force shutdown or corrupt some data in hdd.

    pr0p0sitionJOE can you post the links of yours DLCS of MASS EFFECT 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imranulferdoues View Post
    ggat7jr bro, Here are the fixes for Batman AC DLC
    Thanks a lot! I knew I was doing something wrong! Only one question. What do you mean "all 7 DLC"!? I only had 6 DLC pkgs. I feel like I'm missing the Harley Quinn DLC. Any advice as to where I would be able to get that? Thanks again for all your help and your quick response!

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    SSX working fine on 3.41 BIG THX

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    Your Awesome!! Gal-Gun Pleaaaase!

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    Blades.of.Time.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-N0DRM is not working for me on 3.41 with BLES version External BD Mirror On/Off -> not working, cant try internal, cause not enogh free space.

    ok, Blades of Time working if you rewrite the Param from BLUS to BLES , on 3.41 BD MIRROR ON, with disk

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    did you try to play the game and everything ok? no black screen? with proton release?

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    Anyone know where to find the rest of the dlc characters for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 - BLES01301 ?

    DLC (to date):

    [Pilot]Tieria Erde / [MobileSuit]Seravee Gundam
    [Pilot]Marida Cruz / [MobileSuit]Kshatriya
    [Pilot]Mr. Bushido / [MobileSuit]Susanowo

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    any news about fifa12 fix ??? (not the psn version)

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    Anyone has a fix for Ultimate Marvel vc Capxom 3 on 3.41.. All fixes for 3.55

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    for 3.41 I found this ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 (untested) fix:



    excuse for not testing it myself, I don't have the game right now.. waiting for feedback

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