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  1. #3251
    bernywtf Guest
    well, jp version is 3.55 iirc, so i just need to activate them as far as i know (which isn't much), but it won't work on this one, that's why i was wondering if there's a guide to fix dlc when you have the rap files too, if there isn't.. i hope someone could fix tales of graces jap dlc, even tho it seems hard, seeing the us version is playable now (no dlc tho)

  2. #3252
    Bondago Guest
    Anybody get Musou_Orochi_2_EBOOT_PATCH_JPN_PS3-NRP to work? I'd much rather play the english version, but no fix is out yet.

    I get "An error occurred during the start operation. (80010009)" on starting the game.

    I've tried with and without a disc in the drive and enabling and disabling BD-Mirror in Multiman, but I get the error every time.

  3. #3253
    mschinis Guest
    Has anyone managed to get the PES 2012 datapack 4.00 installed?

    I have downloaded and tried replacing dt0f.img in the USRDIR, but when I fire PES up, I get nothing to update the game.. Any thoughts?


  4. #3254
    Foo Guest
    I like this game Why not play it on 3.55?



    1) Delete any previous updates of the game
    2) Put the PKG on the root of your USB stick
    3) Install

    Region: US

  5. #3255
    vincemeister55 Guest
    I have the BLES version of the game so I used the BLES fix. Then I install the 3 BLUS DLCs released by Joe then the fix. After that, I go to Multiman and transfer the contents inside the USDIR folder of BLUS30710 (which is the DLC folder) and transfer it inside to my BLES01251/USDIR folder.

    Only transfer the files inside the USDIR folder of BLUS30710. Don't copy the Param and or eboot if there's one.

  6. #3256
    xfighter11 Guest
    Does anybody know what is with God Of War Collection Vol. 2? There is a Game BD of. But I didn't find a fix.

  7. #3257
    furientez Guest
    it's a compilation of the 2 latest GoW games: ghost of sparta and chains of olympus (the ones cracked by duplex )

  8. #3258
    Nogitsune Guest
    ok i got kingdoms of amalur's dlc and game to work. just applied the 21.49mb fix after doing the steps propjoe posted. everything works well enough. so if anyone is still having problems. just download the BLES 21.49mb fix from page 235. and apply it after doing the steps.

    the internal's load time is still a problem but i don't think there is a way to fix that.

  9. #3259
    bigvern1979 Guest
    Does anyone know if start the party 2 has been fixed to 3.55 please?

  10. #3260
    DarkhelmetGJ Guest
    Would really like this game too!!! I know there has been a dongle fix, so it should be possible in theory

    Sorcery would also be nice.

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