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  1. #3231
    Nogitsune Guest
    did anyone test kingdoms of amalur DLC pack that propjoe released on a BLES version? i tried to do exactly as propjoe said. but it just gives me that eboot error. (800 something error)

    also is there a workaround for the 20min+ loading time when trying to launch from internal?

    thanks in advance

  2. #3232
    vash109 Guest
    Sorry if this has been asked before "I think it did but I was not able to see and answer" does someone knows how to make the dlc of disgaea 4 works?

    I have the jap dlc that I think is 800 mb but I have no clue how to make it work, please help and thank you very much in advance ^_____^

  3. #3233
    tanasi Guest
    Same here... I got the 800 something error from internal too, i never got to wait 20min+ for loading

  4. #3234
    Nogitsune Guest
    the 1.02 patch fix gave the error. but i used this fix: http://filecloud.io/0el8b7d6

    to get the game running. although i don't think the dlc works with this. but the game itself runs fine.

  5. #3235
    Nogitsune Guest
    i used another fix to get the game itself running. though i don't think i can make the dlc work with it. didn't test a lot. since the loading is crazy long.

    look for a BLES fix on page 235 that is 20+mb in size (all are 14mb. one is 20mb)

  6. #3236
    arrakis31 Guest
    Kingdom of Amalur with the 20mb fix is working external (fast loading) and internal (slow = 15 min black screen waiting for menu, but still working after that). The fix from PropJoe for the DLC are working also, all of them.

    I change the game ID to BLUS in the main game PARAM.SFO and the fix to match for the DLC and all is good.

    To change the fix ID, I had to use pkgview to extract the file and remake a pkg with the right tool after edition

  7. #3237
    Nogitsune Guest
    arrakis31: so you edited param.sfo and turned it into BLUS. then which fix did you use? BLUS 1.02 or the 20MB BLES fix?

  8. #3238
    vincemeister55 Guest
    how to know if the DLCs are installed? I'm using the bles version and manage to run the game. But I don't know if the DLCs are installed since I just begin playing with the game.

  9. #3239
    diegorp1 Guest

    Unhappy Jak and Daxter

    Please I want to play these saga since I have my PS2, could you convert to 3.55 ?

  10. #3240
    Nogitsune Guest
    to vincemeister: there should be some kind of a box a bit after the beginning area. although i myself couldn't get to it yet (too late now, will try tomorrow)

    that box should contain any DLC weapon and armor.

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