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    this isn't one of those forums where everyone attacks everyone so lets all calm down and only post if you have something to contribute or a question or the like.


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    This is getting out of hand... making it sound like that they have to fix it, or what? Please respect people in here, and don't throw one liner like these. I know you said please, but it doesn't really look like you mean it.

    I mean if it take so much to just put a few words of appreciation, and put in request with polite words are so hard, then please don't make any request. It probably take much more effort and energy to download the fix, apply the fix, and play the game once it's fixed.

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    In all fairness to Drielso tho English may not be his/her native language! Many languages translate a 'kind' request as simply 'Fix, please'. English isn't the most efficient of languages at times and on occasion 'rudeness' on these (international, remember) forums is byproduct of mistranslation.

    C'mon, group hug?

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    Calm down guys, it was just a request. I never seen anyone asking for this dlc before, so i did. I know this take much effort to do, so sorry if my request sounded like i was demanding something. That's not what i meant to.

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    Finally, the voice of reason. We may not get lost ourselves in translation but we do in the nuances of the languages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordMalik View Post
    I also saw Bleach Soul Resurreccion (US release) and Cabela's Hunter Games 2012 fix on some file sharing site so it means they are fixed now.
    I have now added them to our last N0DRM update here as the NFO's were dated from a few days back:

    Also now added above is Call.of.Juarez.The.Cartel_BLUS30795.EBOOT.PATCH.10 0.USA.READNFO.PS3-N0DRM.rar which seemed to be lost in the mix as well.

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    I would like to say thank you for all these fixes i asked/requested for ncis and then all of a sudden is on here amazing thank you very much for all the hard work being put in to give us these games working for free

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    Anyone who can help me with my Ratchet and Clank problem? I have 3 friends coming over tonight and we really want to check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernywtf View Post
    i'd like to ask something, if you can help: i got a game in japanese and the japanese dlc, also the raps, but i can't seem to activate it with reactpsn (don't know what's wrong), there is a way i can "fix" the pgk to have them automatically activated after i install them ?
    am sorry to quote myself, but, does anyone know?

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    No. Re-read the instructions for reactpsn. Maybe you insert the flashdrive in a wrong port or something?

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