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    Dead Nation: Road of Devastation DLC

    Fix this, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drielso View Post
    Dead Nation: Road of Devastation DLC
    WOW like you register and asking fix this please, how about, i love this site or people here are great, if at all possible when you get a chance, and if possible in spare time can you please try to fix your REQUEST what happened to conversation first, and then a nice reply.

    We are very very very lucky to have such great mods/admins/devs and the all mighty (you know who you are and duplex scene group!!!,why not become a member when you get one green block ,just to show your support we all did. it is like the saying goes "your reap what you show"

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!! i will always respond negative to these one liners, it is blantantly rude spend some time and think about how it comes out to others reading it and not just what you think or feel is good enough, this is a community we try to respect each other with as much dignity and respect as possible,some are more talented than others it goes with anything in life, i am not bashing you,i am trying to help you big difference


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    Oct 2011
    With some work I managed to get all the Jak & Daxter HD .pkg installers and applied the corresponding fixes posted earlier in this thread. To my surprise, none works. Starting each game from the XMB just gives me black screen. Did any of you guys encounter the same?

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    Thanks for all the fixes guys. I really appreciate your work

    I also saw Bleach Soul Resurreccion (US release) and Cabela's Hunter Games 2012 fix on some file sharing site so it means they are fixed now.

    Is someone kind enough to please fix Jak and Daxter HD collection since it works. The 3.60 fixes don't work at all. I have personally tried them. So i would really appreciate if any of you fine folks like propJoe and others will fix this game as well. Cheers and thanks again for all these fixes

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    Sep 2010
    woow the scene is on fire, thanks you guys for all the FIXz and keeping the scene alive

    note: NCIS gives me Black Screen..

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    tested the fix and it works!! no need to replace the param.sfo. need to turn on the bd-mirror option.

    i wonder this fix is not popular on some sites.

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    Thats pretty cool. Ya'll are doing a great job...

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    Aug 2012
    Agreed, thanks for everyone's work. I'm always appreciative of the JPN fixes and DLC

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    Nov 2011
    Thanks worked a treat.

    Many thanks

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    Maybe you should take a break from the forums if you can't handle a simple request... calm down.

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