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  1. #3201
    alwayshungry Guest
    oceansoul I had the same problem. The BLUS30838 rip I had was bad. Had to get a different rip. Did you try select+X in multiman? Cause COD are all black screen games. Also try and find the original eboot and param. Then start from new.

  2. #3202
    williecayote Guest
    Hi there oceansoul! Let me have a go and help you out. By the way, I've got same game and version as you have and I was able to make it work on my 3.55. What i did was:

    Install the fix for the game (PARAM.SFO; EBOOT, default.self & default_mp.self (last 3 files i mentioned must be in USRDIR folder); Install and place the games .pkg fix on the root of external HDD; & lastly go to Multiman > Go to the game > game settings > highlight External & BD Mirror > press Start/Load > once your on your XMB again, go back to Multiman > go to the game once again and press Select + X. Hope that helps!

  3. #3203
    oceansoul Guest
    I don't have this files (PARAM.SFO; EBOOT, default.self & default_mp.self) i only have .pkg file from here ! Installed but doesn't work internel and external too ! If you have this files pleas eput tham here !

    Thanks a lot friend

  4. #3204
    esmjanus Guest
    For the people who is looking a fix for Call of Juarez - The Cartel, here is http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5z68zbkd7d2zq1d.

    I have not tested, but some people have confirmed that works in BLES01352 and BLUS30795.

  5. #3205
    williecayote Guest
    No worries... I believe this is the answer your looking for oceansoul: http://letitbit.net/download/25497.2...5_Fix.rar.html

  6. #3206
    bernywtf Guest

    thanks for all the hard work you put in this *bows*

    i'd like to ask something, if you can help: i got a game in japanese and the japanese dlc, also the raps, but i can't seem to activate it with reactpsn (don't know what's wrong), there is a way i can "fix" the pgk to have them automatically activated after i install them ?

    thanks again for everything

  7. #3207
    williecayote Guest
    Anyway, if you think the link i gave you takes a long time to download, here's a faster link i just created for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fix 3.55 (BLUS30838) for you oceansoul. Let me know if you were able to make it work, right!

    default.self - http://rghost.net/39999991
    default_mp.self - http://rghost.net/39999983
    EBOOT.BIN - http://rghost.net/39999965
    PARAM.SFO - http://rghost.net/39999935

  8. #3208
    bigvern1979 Guest
    Hi don't know where to post this but having trouble loading sniper elite v2 with the patch applied i get the error 80010009 anyone else getting this message i have had a browse of internet and most have it working with the method i'm using.. so don't know what problem is but have noticed when browsing the game files there is two eboots one in game folder and one in usrdir didn't notice this on any other game.

  9. #3209
    ratboy112 Guest
    Can anybody help me? I have Ratchet and Clank All 4 One on my external. I installed the 1.03fix.pkg. When I start up the game, I get the first few screens (by whom it is made) afterwards... nothing. Just a Black screen. What did I do wrong?

  10. #3210
    oceansoul Guest
    Works fine with bluray and in multiman bd mirror ! Thanks a lot

    Also if someone have this older game eboot or some fix please post it !

    Michael_Jackson_The_Experience_EUR_PS3-ABSTRAKT BLES01135

    Thanks a lot for fast answer time and share !!!

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