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    Oct 2011
    Could someone please post the download link for Jak and Daxter 1 HD. I'm so grateful in advance.

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    I mean the Retail version of Child of Eden, not the PSN one, which is cracked since months.

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    Trouble with Child Of Eden is that not even folks managed to crack that one. Game would hang after level one iirc. BTW all there seems to be a working Call of Juarez Cartel fix kicking about for people that are after it.

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    psn version of child of eden works like a charm in all levels (at least on my 3.41)

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    furientez - PSN versions works fine yes but if you want to save a bit of internal space then the retail/disc version would help. As far as I know it was never fixed.

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    Sep 2011
    i think we should add "Darksiders II" to that list. unless i missed something.

    also Final Fantasy XIII-2's crack is not 100% working.(more like 99% - aka minigame crash)

    but honestly. so many games became available at once. one thinks it might rain sugar anyday now.

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    Jan 2009
    Sorry! i've complete lost my orientation. is there a nodrm eboot patch for RC All4one?

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    Oct 2011
    Hi, i wanted to thks everyone for all the fix. my Ps3 was taking dust and now i have a lot of new game to play !! and i was wondering if someone can fix Rune Factory : Tide of destiny NTSC version is 3.70 req. Thks in advance

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    there is also the ''game data tool'' that launches psn games from external... it doesn't work with all games ,but helps a lot, in gaining that extra space in your internal I'll bet that the psn version is smaller in size too

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    Please if anyone start this game explain me how to i try to patch from site BLUS30838 but get black screen and hard disk blinking i left tham 30min and wait but nothing try without and with bluray in same thing ! If someone get working please tell me what i need to do !

    Vesion of my COD MW3 is : BLUS30838-[Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3]

    Thanks a lot

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