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  1. #3191
    evEr Guest
    Could someone please post the download link for Jak and Daxter 1 HD. I'm so grateful in advance.

  2. #3192
    xfighter11 Guest
    I mean the Retail version of Child of Eden, not the PSN one, which is cracked since months.

  3. #3193
    twennyBensuns Guest
    Trouble with Child Of Eden is that not even folks managed to crack that one. Game would hang after level one iirc. BTW all there seems to be a working Call of Juarez Cartel fix kicking about for people that are after it.

  4. #3194
    furientez Guest
    psn version of child of eden works like a charm in all levels (at least on my 3.41)

  5. #3195
    twennyBensuns Guest
    furientez - PSN versions works fine yes but if you want to save a bit of internal space then the retail/disc version would help. As far as I know it was never fixed.

  6. #3196
    Nogitsune Guest
    i think we should add "Darksiders II" to that list. unless i missed something.

    also Final Fantasy XIII-2's crack is not 100% working.(more like 99% - aka minigame crash)

    but honestly. so many games became available at once. one thinks it might rain sugar anyday now.

  7. #3197
    final94 Guest
    Sorry! i've complete lost my orientation. is there a nodrm eboot patch for RC All4one?

  8. #3198
    Lancia3 Guest
    Hi, i wanted to thks everyone for all the fix. my Ps3 was taking dust and now i have a lot of new game to play !! and i was wondering if someone can fix Rune Factory : Tide of destiny NTSC version is 3.70 req. Thks in advance

  9. #3199
    furientez Guest
    there is also the ''game data tool'' that launches psn games from external... it doesn't work with all games ,but helps a lot, in gaining that extra space in your internal I'll bet that the psn version is smaller in size too

  10. #3200
    oceansoul Guest

    Please if anyone start this game explain me how to i try to patch from site BLUS30838 but get black screen and hard disk blinking i left tham 30min and wait but nothing try without and with bluray in same thing ! If someone get working please tell me what i need to do !

    Vesion of my COD MW3 is : BLUS30838-[Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3]

    Thanks a lot

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