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  1. #3171
    bassembb Guest
    i couldn't make binary domain to work! int/ext with and without BD-emu? it installs game data then loding screen!?? any help would be welcome

  2. #3172
    KentaZXA Guest
    the file is only 100kb... i'm sure the DLC pkg is around 800MB (the jap version was 800). Is there like the USA DLC PKG floating around here? if so i can try this fix for you then

  3. #3173
    ins1dez Guest
    Prototype 2 is working for you guys ? After i launch , it freezes after the installation of game data... I'm using 3.55 with eboot and param.sfo , what could be the problem?

  4. #3174
    Electron1c Guest
    800 Mb is patch for Jap version.

  5. #3175
    roccovite Guest
    Hi, i have downloaded the dlcs of Kingdoms Of Amalur, i have installed it and then the dlc fix. I have the BLES version,what i have to do now? I need react psn?

  6. #3176
    Nekozero Guest
    Here I leave a couple of DLC for dragon's Dogma USA (BLUS30720) with the raps files that I had saved on my computer for about a month (I don't remember where I download it and who's the author).


    There's any posibilities that can be fixed the DLC to work on the european release BLES01356? (the release with the cracked eboot to work on any cfw)

    I tried manually (replacing the usa files on eur installation data and activating the raps with reactpsn) but I don't see any of the DLC.

  7. #3177
    wwywong Guest
    Is Street Fighter X Tekken fix out for USA version? I've seen the EUR version get fixed, but haven't spot one for USA. Can I use the EUR fix for USA?

  8. #3178
    daSlayer87 Guest
    No react psn needed, but be aware its the DLC for BLUS Version. The easy way is to edit PARAM.SFO to BLUS, worked for me perfect.

  9. #3179
    spyrog2670 Guest
    How is it possible to make the dlc not need reactpsn to be played? Why no one makes a tutorial please respond

    Greetings from Denmark

  10. #3180
    Nogitsune Guest
    to spyrog2670: just install the dlc pkg. then the dlc fix pkg. like you would do for any .pkg files

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