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    THANKS A BUNCH ariark i figured it out in the end... i used the dir fix then used patch then put on external drive... it booted and asked to update... i said no and bosh working.. (on external).. but thanks very much for your reply/help appreciated...

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    you were correct, thanks for response

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    it really sucks when there are no seeders errr.. did you find any to get max payne?

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    i got max payne from torrent, took a week but i did get it.

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    Ouch... bad games for 24 August. But keep it up! We'll eventually get some good fixes.. thanks!!

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    try to find max payne on nzb sites... if you use usenet try torrentday... super fast and free just need to seed back.

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    Glad to help you out babyjoe00069!

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    bad games?? i've been hoping and praying for atelier totori!

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    lol bad games, lol my SIDES

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    If anyone is looking for 3.41 fix for No More Heroes Red Zone Edition BLJS10114, a user named PS3JB has successfully created a working one. Just run the .pkg (to create a game data update file), then launch the game. Enjoy

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