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  1. #3151
    niwakun Guest
    Thanks for Atelier Totori. Tested and Working!!

  2. #3152
    dovez0 Guest
    can also use in ncis blus30840 just make sure put in same directory and state bd external in multiman tested on 3.55 kmeaw

  3. #3153
    furientez Guest
    can anybody share links for Rage dlc pack?

    plz help if possible

  4. #3154
    panxut Guest
    Is there a fix for dragon ball ultimate tenkaichi?

  5. #3155
    saito1234 Guest
    Well I can't wait for Atelier Meruru

  6. #3156
    niwakun Guest
    btw. totori dlc from japanese version works just fine in US version, just move the DLC folder right under the game's working DIR. In my case I browsed over dev_hdd0/game/BLJM60241/USRDIR and moved the DLC folder to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30735/USRDIR then use reactPSN v2 to register the raps and whoala.

    I can recruit cecile, iksel, cordelia now. I can even access the DLC BGM now. And 3DModel View.

  7. #3157
    aristodice Guest
    please do the 3.55 fix for just dance 3... i really want it

  8. #3158
    Roaf Guest
    I hope they release Sleeping Dogs patch.

  9. #3159
    kanketsu Guest
    Tested Blazblue CS Extend on 3.41. So far so good

  10. #3160
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    At this rate if I ever decide to start up the ol' PS3s again, I won't need to use my overheating OFW one and go through the effort of switching discs, I'll finally be able to just use my CFW PS3. Huzzah. Still, I'm somewhat surprised that there hasn't been a major leap in CFW yet.

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