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  1. #3131
    wyldstallyn Guest
    right on, thanks for filling me in.

    i'll be sure to keep that in mind when i start the switch back to kmeaw.

  2. #3132
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Thank you guys! I'm still waiting for the epic The Amazing Spiderman fix release!

  3. #3133
    fantopoulos Guest
    patience please, their is so much on people plates if you read the previous days in this thread you would have seen many asking and relies as well, just makes it easier for the mods and admins and even the man, the myth the legeng propjoe.

    Just be patience eventually (the amazing spiderman will arrive fixed try to not aggitate your wording seemed sort of like an order your exact words above IM STILL WAITING FOR THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN FIX, I AM SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TRYING TO GET AT, IT OS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITTISM YOU ARE NOT ONLY ONE HERNANER28) it will arrive I totally respect this site, the friends, the learning experience and the professionalism of this site, lets be men, we can not snap our fingers and it will appear when time is available and right for the fixing till then thousands are i same boat.

    cheers do not take this wrong i totally support this site and this site only many times i even paid for membership as a sign of good faith i hope more do, cause if it goes dead then that will be reason why, people always want fast fast or faster support the ps3news team and propjoe, you will gain respect, cause i seen it happen before amazing sites drown cause too many leechers and upsetting mods/admins/devs, so i do my max at all times.

    this goes for everyone i am a contiributor as a show of respect that is all I am not a mod/admin just a loyal supporter, keep up the great work ps3news mods/admins/devs/duplex. propjoe the man the myth the legend (that sounds so cool propjoe)

    thank you take this advise close to your heart, and you will feel better and make things better for each person, we are like a family here ladies and gents, family help each others

    cheers Tony

  4. #3134
    MOST Hated Guest
    If it's just Eboots.. You can use the Eboot's from a fix pkg. Just install the pkg. Go into MM and copy it to the GAMES/YourGame folder.

    Then just edit the Param.sfo in the GAMES/YourGame folder to it's original version. Now if it's edats, sprx files, you need the originals.

  5. #3135
    hey69 Guest
    May we request game fixes?

    If so SSX would be MUCH apreciated

  6. #3136
    aries2k6 Guest
    So many fixes and so little time.

    Thanks to all involved. great work!!!

  7. #3137
    hartmann Guest
    Pls help, anyone.

    how fix "Tour de France 2011 BLES01296" and "Rugby World Cup 2011 BLES01358" to play cfw 3.55?

    the fix that i've downloaded it is FIX update 1.01 for the 2 games, i think it is necessary change EBOOT, but i don t find anywhere. it is always give error 80010017


  8. #3138
    bickman14 Guest
    Hey Joe, first I want to thank you for all the hard work you've been doing, I really appreciate your work.

  9. #3139
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    I only post here as everyone else who got some new or interesting stuff to post.

  10. #3140
    jegig Guest
    can anyone please help me on tuts how to make disgaea 4 BLJS dlc work on BLUS version?

    please, any help will be appreciated

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