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    Thanks, but how can i edit the param.sfo? i have to do with block notes?and what i have to edit?

    I have done,just used sfo editor and work fine

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    I have a question. For example I have an eboot on batman arkham city (blus version and I was not able to back up my original eboot), will the eboot fix for cfw 3.55 on kmeaw still work without the dongle? or do I have to get a backup of eboot for that batman arkham city game. Hope you could answer my question. If I have to get the original eboots, would someone care to upload it? I would appreciate this very much.

    Yeah I wanna thanks and congratulate to propjoe, nodrm, and all other devs for their hardwork and dedication for making the new games playable for us on kmeaw 3.55. Kudos to you bros. Hopefully you would be able to crack new games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Sleeping Dogs (I don't know what kind of keys these games are using). I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

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    hello, Prop Joe,

    i have a problem with fix for splinter cell Hd trilogy EUR (and the fix you have released or E3). splinter cell 1& 2 are launching quite good, but splinter cell chaos theory doesn't work. After launching its' return's to XMB. I precise i uses Rogero 8.5 and i have the CFW's installed.

    You said, it was due to CFW, but i don't understand with the 2 two games are launching ?

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    Any hope for these move games?? Medieval moves deadmunds quest, Sorcery and Start the party 2 save the world.

    P.S. Nice to see street fighter x tekken working

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    thanks man for the real fix IT WORKS!

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    No man, it doesn't work on crappy updateless CFW. Black screen forever. I changed to kmeaw and it worked on internal flawlessly.

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    ah okay so i have to find a way to get the original eboot of the batman arkham city blus then I apply the fix pkg for that game and I should run it on 3.55 kmeaw cfw. okay I got it. now can someone upload the blus eboot of akrham city please? thank you.

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    I don't understand why you'd need the original eboot just to replace it with a newly fixed eboot. just get rid of the eboot and use the new fix on kmeaw or rebug, you should be good. no?

    EDIT: if the new fix has other files, obviously use those too.

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    wyldstallyn: The fixes replace retail game files (they are not fixed update files). E3's Arkham City fix does not replace those same files as it is a fixed update package. That is why the original eboot is still needed. If you try to play Arkham City with the E3 fix, but do not replace the fixed files with the original files, then the game will fail to boot.

    This is true with all games that have had some of their original files replaced with fixed files. For instance, I tried to play Kingdoms of Amalur and Saints Row The Third with a fixed update, but they failed to work because some of the original files were replaced with fixed files. They worked once I replaced all of the files with the original ones.

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