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  1. #3111
    dogggg Guest
    thank you guys for tekken... long life duplex

  2. #3112
    roccovite Guest
    Hi, the fix for Kingdoms Of Amalur (BLES01251) doesn't work for me, it give me an error.What i have to do?

  3. #3113
    RFFS Guest
    the fix for UFC PERSONAL TRAINER doesn't work asks for 3.6 update

    UFC Personal Trainer 1.03 BLES01170.rar

  4. #3114
    Vicmary Guest
    Do you try to use an spoof?

  5. #3115
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vincemeister55 View Post
    I can't seem to make Scene It? Movie Night to work. It just give me black screen. Hey Joe, is it compatible with dongle CFW?
    Try to run it without dongle, or 3.41 jailbreak dongle. Then run the game.

    Also, some guys say it doesn't work without buzz controller, but I tested the game on rebug and only with sixaxis. Game worked fine, I played few rounds and all was normal. Repeat, with sixaxis only. No buzz controller.

  6. #3116
    Tek9 Guest
    Did you try to edit the SFO file because i downloaded that one just to look and the sfo that comes with it says 3.60 have to change that to 3.55 or 3.41 depending on what you are running.

  7. #3117
    daSlayer87 Guest
    I had the same problem, just edit PARAM.SFO and use BLUS Fix and DLC. Works without any problems.

  8. #3118
    matt101 Guest
    trying to get assassins creed revelations BLES01467 working with duplex fix... replaced the files from fix but i get a black screen... does it have to be internal. i am trying to get it to run external..do i need to tick any boxs in multiman(latest)... this also happened with mgs hd collection (which i gave up on)... many thanks to propjoe/duplex/exetrmall/nodrm/and anyone else i missed out... you is da best... keep up the good work... respect.

  9. #3119
    Tek9 Guest
    Try ticking BD Mirror and see if it works usually black screen games need that option ticked hope it works for you

    UFC Personal Trainer BLES01170 3.41/3.55 FIX get it here

    http://wikisend.com/download/107688/BLES01170 3.41-3.55FIX.rar

  10. #3120
    matt101 Guest
    thanks tek9... for your help but still no joy i have to reboot ps3 locks up... do i replace the fix files in the actual game directory or do i need to place them in hdd0 game i am replacing files just like the usual method... or could someone give me a tutorial plz. if i can fix this 1 then i will get the just on how to fix mgs and others.... all my others games work fine just these new fixs give me probs... prob me tho

    i noticed while black screen, green light of ps3 slim is flashing like mad... do this game install anything to the ps3 and do i have to wait

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