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    lzyslckr Guest
    Can someone make a checklist of all the games that are working with no dongle and how many games are left to crack?

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    daSlayer87 Guest

  3. #3093
    geniuschen Guest
    Will the SFXTK EU patch work on US version? BLUS-30722

  4. #3094
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Duke Nukem DLC is mine, but I didnt have time to fix some older DLCs so I shared all links and raps about a month ago to a friend and he gave it to everyone else.

    Some leecher claimed socalled release, but I dumped this content as I have original account and its dump still on my pc. Not hard to fix, but as you see, noone does it.

    izyslickr Still many games left to crack, BUT... Some of the patches will probably stay uncracked. Since I'm in the loop with this releases I can tell you that certain types lets call them, can't be cracked.

    Lets hope we can figure out this problem too and free all tricky patches.

  5. #3095
    lolong Guest
    I do not understand, what are NODRM saying about "replace included files in game dir (NOT in /dev_hdd0/game/BLESXXXXX)" ??

    please more details about how to replace the files into game dir ??

  6. #3096
    jegig Guest
    so how to repackage the dlc? or i just need to rename the PKG?


  7. #3097
    jadekitten Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lolong View Post
    I do not understand, what are NODRM saying about "replace included files in game dir (NOT in /dev_hdd0/game/BLESXXXXX)" ??

    please more details about how to replace the files into game dir ??
    they mean replace it in your multiman "games\BLXXXXXXX" folder, as opposed to "game" which is what sony installs stuff to

  8. #3098
    yeopajee Guest
    hey i got problem when try to run twisted metal. i'm using Twisted_Metal_PS3-CLANDESTiNE, and replace the with duplex eboot
    but after i run it, it will kick back to the home, any idea why?

    i'm using rogero cfw v3, and using internal, do i need to use BD in ps3? because currently don't have 1, please help

  9. #3099
    sairimmer Guest
    So with the sniper elite eboot patch all I get when I try to load the game it shows a start operation error and then it kicks me back to the ps3 home screen. Am using multiman 4.05 on a ps3 running cfw 3.55

    Any help would be appreciated.

  10. #3100
    fantopoulos Guest
    if propjoe or anyone put a link for a tutorial, i have lots of spare time, so i would love to help propjoe to start fixing dlcs or releases that are able to at moment. I would love to help and take some burden of propjoe first and foremost and duplex doing great job as well, then a few people will contribute instead of just leeching.

    I take care of my mother so i'm in home basically 24/7 or at least 24/5 hehe on a bad week, so i am willing to try to help further and more than than i have in the past, few more people lessen the burnden on the very limited devs these days, so if a tutorial is available, i will do my best to help, any others offering help put a (like this), so we can can see how many are willing to even at least try propjoe needs some people to help. i respect his dedication and time, effort, and his skills.

    thank you cheers tony

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