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    In case Duplex/IND reading this please release next:

    RocketBirds Hardboiled Chicken
    Okabu (if it's out)
    NBA JAM: On Fire Edition - Ghost vs. Snake
    Swords and Soldiers
    Odin Sphere HD

    Thanks for the previous releases, you're the best

    Edit: new games out:

    Prince of Persia Classic PSN PS3-iND
    Crystal Defenders PSN PS3-iND

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    Sep 2009

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    thanks for the links

    what about mass effect 2 dlc?

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    Can someone upload Batman Arkham Asylum dlc and mk9 4 dlc's? thanks!

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    mk9 dlc
    rar password: hackcrazyps3

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    Ok not my uploads (this lame server -_-) but If anyone needs :

    Borderlands - Claptrap's New Robot Revolution PKG 3.55 CFW

    Batman Arkham Asylum - Play as Joker Challenge Map
    euro version:
    usa version:

    Batman Arkham Asylum - Insane Night Map Pack
    euro version:
    usa version:

    Batman Arkham Asylum - Prey In The Darkness Map Pack
    euro version:
    usa version:

    They aren't tested.

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    Don't mean to sound ungrateful or something as I trully admire the work of Duplex but I think I will only get the Infamous Festival of Blood.
    I'm just not into al that retro stuff I guess. If they fix FF7 however I will personally declare them as God and will go to church and pray for them every Sunday

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    Please somebody can upload Crazy Taxi if it is possible

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