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    I told you buddy already, links only are useless. I need rap files as well.

    RE Code Veronica X EU I have long time ago with rap, but I posted duplex release US with psn link so I figured you guys are happy with this. If you like, I can crack Code Veronica EU, but what is the point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    No, Darksiders II is not cracked yet.
    Here is the The Darkness II Fix, working on BLUS and BLES , no BD Mirror on 3.41 + 3.55 with Disc inside and Multiman

    have fun

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    the EU version is multilanguage and not only in english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    If you like, I can crack Code Veronica EU, but what is the point.
    Please do it

    Thanks for your great work!!!

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    Batman Help

    Do I need 3.6 version spoofer to play some of these game? I applied the pkg files to Batman, Sniper ghost warrior and the games say they require an update to 3.60 to play. thanks

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    Crack black ops zombies dlc or star wars the force unleashed 2 dlc the rap files are all over the net

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    Could anybody please provide the Jak and Daxter 1, 2 and 3 patch. Thanks in advance!

    Oh never mind. It's OK now.

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    Nope, not Darkness 2, but Darksiders 2, totally different game

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    excuse me, does the DLC for disgaea 4 (BLJS10095) from ( works for Blus or Bles version?

    If yes, how to install or make it work does it require react psn?

    thx in advance

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    pr0p0sitionJOE first of all, just to second zombie099 sentiments above regarding a HUGE thanks for all the fixes! Always amazes me when scenes sometimes get bad rep for the selfish attitudes of many yet there are some like yourself that just give, give, give! You're making a lot of people very happy and, as we say in the UK, a 'tap on the table' for that Sir

    Just a quick question regarding the issue of Driver (BLES00891 -retail release). This has a dongle eboot but as of yet the only other method for 3.55 i the duplex PSN release. Is this likely to change at all? Even though the update seems to be for 3.72 I was under the assumption that those eboots were now fixable for CEX/CFW machines.

    Selfish reasons mainly for asking this, as in truth as running Driver from external would allow me to free up around 10gb of internal space which is now much in demand due to all recent activity on this front

    Help me pr0p0sitionJOE, you're my only hope...

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