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  1. #3051
    RFFS Guest
    johnny can you revive the dlc section here since its your new home?

  2. #3052
    utar Guest
    Sorry if this is a daft question but where do you put the Scene IT edat file from the fix?

    I put it in the exdata folder in the home directory which only had *.rif files in. The game seems to be working okay, well as far as the menu screen anyway.

  3. #3053
    jadekitten Guest
    that is correct.

  4. #3054
    utar Guest
    jadekitten cheers for the confirmation.

  5. #3055
    Blackottosucks Guest
    johnny, time to do your magic here...

  6. #3056
    wwefanatic Guest
    i signed up to follow johnny, 2012 is the year of prop joe

    thank you from all ps3 cfw users from planet earth

  7. #3057
    kudosrhyme Guest
    For those interested in download links for the jap version of naruto generations


    P.S these are not my links I found them on a site and downloaded and tested it. it works tight.

  8. #3058
    rianchio23 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Atrion View Post
    do you need a special controller for SCENE IT? MOVIE NIGHT (NPUB30534) or will a regular sixaxis work?
    Yeah you need a special controller.

  9. #3059
    Hustla77 Guest
    +Rep Thank You so much man! I been waiting so long to play Tales Of Xillia finally i can leave my Cave and Return To The Tales of World and i'm comfirming that this does work on Rebug 3.55.2 but you have to set it to game disc in mm or you will be booted to a black screen and ps3 will be frozen.

  10. #3060
    mtsrefrg Guest
    Could anyone reup eboot fix for prince of persia triliogy? Would be much appreciated thanks in advanced.

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