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    Pr0Pj0e can you update us over The Walking Dead fixing progress?

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    I'm amazed by how many games have become playable with the 3.60 keys. It's just great.

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    Oct 2011
    is there a fix for FFXIII-2 DLC i love to finish the dam story. Square is a... to make us paid for a unfinished game and paid more for the dlc to finish it.

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    Need I say more?

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    Hej PropJoe, did you get my info regarding walking dead? I can't seem to send pm on this site for some reason but I was able to respond to yours, I hope.

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    My most wanted game! i wish someone can fix it. this will be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by furientez View Post
    I applied the new fix over the old one and peacewalker works fine.
    I'm still getting asked update 1.03 then blackscreen

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    Yes. Unfortunately, your account info is not good. Either pass or username is not good. Send me proper acc info.

    Regarding process of fixing The Walking Dead, not gonna happend with this eboot. Guy who posted this "fix", gave a locked demo eboot, wich means this eboot is for demo only, not full game. Useless.

    Some demos are unlockable to full, but Walking Dead is type that needs additional unlock pkg and rap files and eboot must be unlockable.
    I decrypted edats for full game, but eboot is from base game [without updates], and updates are necessary for other
    episodes, trophies and saves.

    Either this guy got a debug demo locked eboot and didn't even check if this is usable, or even worse, he deliberately patched eboot,
    locked it to stay demo. Wouldn't surprise me if he did this, since his password to get fix is "TRY IT THEN BUY IT".

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    Thanks a whole lot for the exhaustive explanation. This guy really was a a bummer.

    Lookin forward to your future releases, I have been following you.

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    Any news on Hyper Neptunia Mk2 yet? Cheers and great work!!

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