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    kenno21 Guest
    no, it's only japanese

  2. #3032
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Atrion View Post
    do you need a special controller for SCENE IT? MOVIE NIGHT (NPUB30534) or will a regular sixaxis work?
    No, mate. You can play with SIXAXIS just fine. I tested it and working good. Very funny and nice quiz game with excellent movie clips.
    Great for family sunday kickin.

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    Longshot Guest
    Hi there,

    is there some DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur ?

    The search function on here gets no results either it seems and to look to more then 300 pages at this section... well well

  4. #3034
    plamenz Guest
    Look on Page 227.

  5. #3035
    jarppikarppi Guest
    Confirmed working! Awesome job!

    Although i DL'd it from here, because the link provided is japanese and requires login.

    rapidgator: http://rapidgator.net/file/34626949/1ToXJNEP3.rar.html

    netload: http://netload.in/datei8gK3B1yXPJ/1ToXJNEP3.rar.htm

  6. #3036
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    The guy gave you the wrong page number for Kingdoms of Amalur DLC PACK.

    Go to page 277, there is your DLC.

  7. #3037
    vallejo18 Guest
    Can anyone do a crack patch to Jak and Daxter HD Collection [USA] or show me how to do it, its a game from my childhood, i have the actual cd i bought it but i would like to play it on my ps3 3.55

  8. #3038
    Longshot Guest
    big thanks

  9. #3039
    plamenz Guest
    sorry m8 , i meant 277 , but somehow i write 227

  10. #3040
    firewater17 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vallejo18 View Post
    Can anyone do a crack patch to Jak and Daxter HD Collection [USA]

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