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  1. #3011
    lolong Guest
    Duplex is already cracks first of 2 new games NODRM.

  2. #3012
    furientez Guest
    I cant explain in words how happy I am to finally see all these games getting fixed so rapidly, and I wouldn't dare to ask for more, there's enough cracked games for everybody's taste that can keep occupied even the 24 hour gamer for a month !

    Thank you propJoe, Duplex, ExEtrimALL and everybody else that helped in reviving our beloved scene!

  3. #3013
    Tek9 Guest
    Madden NFL 12 BLUS30770 3.41/3.55 Fix get it here: https://safelinking.net/p/771b4cb058

    Tested on Kmeaw 3.55 works 100%

  4. #3014
    KaInEvIL Guest

    Thank god. Now just BB Continuum Shift Extend left!

  5. #3015
    iainbr Guest
    Does anyone know if there is a fix for Spider-man Edge of Time?

    Or have i missed that one?


  6. #3016
    HeyManHRU Guest
    There is no fix for SpiderMan just yet.

  7. #3017
    bazou999 Guest
    Hello PropositionJoe,

    Do i need to change the eboot.bin on the external drive for Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning DLC PACK because i have a black screen after a minute of disk reading?


  8. #3018
    fantopoulos Guest
    Your hard work duplex, propjoe and other devs is not unnoticed all members, contributor, registered user, and staff, and especially myself really appreciate your dedication, time and effort spent and many long nights truly from bottom of my heart I/we all thank you more than you know huge props Cheers Thank you Tony

  9. #3019
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Awesome new things coming up. Great work !

  10. #3020
    KillYourPastor Guest
    Anybody have a working Metal Gear HD fix? The ones I've tried ask for 1.03 update

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