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    can anyone upload 3.55 fix for this ghost recon fs game?

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    Jun 2012
    So much is happening these days.

    I hope Meruru will be here too, someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkominator View Post
    damn... still waiting for ssx!
    I mistook the middle "s" for an "e". Laugh riot

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    still no ssx

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    Good work Johnny and all the others

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    Really amazing work, guys! Great to see so many people sharing the fixes.

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    Still searching for Resident Evil OP Racoon City

    Is it possible ? Thanks for so much good work

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    Oct 2011
    I still don't know how to find time to play and finish the newly fixed games but I still keep on checking this thread for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Silent Hill HD Collection fixes to finally surface. Keep at it pr0pj0e, DUPLEX et. al.

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    Thank JOE so much!!

    Now I hope to see more fix come from DUPLEX, JOE or some great group with these game: Record of Agarest War 2 (Original not hybrid NA/JP), ToGraces F, ToXillia, Meruru, Totori and Ayashe (just release)

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    Well one can only hope future games get fixed for all CFW users and not just those who buy any extra hardware for their consoles.

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