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    Guys, I'm sorry for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations FIX region mistake. The patch is pawned and we know it was released only as a JAP game, NOT US or EU. Patch says BLUS30792 but it is for BLJS, JAP region game. I will correct this mistake. Use patch with JAP version.

    About basicupload links. They work perfect and very fast download speed. You guys keep saying JDownloader not showing links, no links in DLC, etc. I dont understand what it takes for any person to try downloading something with browser.

    Basicupload links WORK ONLY with internet browsers, firefox, IE or any other browser.

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    This is some good stuff happening. I need one more game fixed.. Binary Domain.

    Then I can go back to Kmeaw.. For now..

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    thanks a lot johnny...

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    Sep 2010
    awesome work pr0p0sitionJOE, as always, thanks for the fixes ... waiting for Soul Calibur 5 and SF X Tekken PAWNED fixes

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    Oct 2010
    thanks pr0p0sitionJOE, thanks for the fixes...

    Please hyperdimension neptunia mk2, atelier totori, atelier meruru and BB Continuum Shift 2 Extend...


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    black ops dlc !

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    Sep 2011
    from when the 3.60 keys came out. this is like an on-going, never ending dream ~

    thanks alot to everyone who makes it able for us to play these games that we waited for, for so long.

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    Hey coolJOE can you awesome people do basara 3 utage and blazblue continuum shift extend?

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    PropJoe - I get error 80010017 on Dragon's Dogma. I'm on Rebug 3.55.7 with the spoofer enabled. Prototype 2 is working great though. Thanks

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    Great Stuff, Delivered as always. Great to know EXEtrimALL is fixing them & Good to see Game of Thrones on the list. Now I only own 4 games that are not working. Mass Effect 3, SBK Generations, Fifa Street (same prob as everyone else) & Le Tour De France 2011 (Tried 2 fixes for this game & Neither work).

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