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    Apr 2011
    Do some DLC ??? You really are amazing...

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    propjoe - i copy and paste your naruto generation eboot and param to BLES version, when the game boot its says game data corrupted

    i tested it on external HDD i will try to internal if it works

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    BLUS30792 requires 4.xx and was never fixed, does that mean the EXETRImALL can FIX 4.XX games?

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    Hi Joe can you fix Start the Party 2 for my Kids please

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    Thanks! This is awesome news! You guys (propJOE, EXEtrimALL/HOTY, octo0xor) are the best!

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    Jun 2012
    The pack Propjoe released has HD Asagi, Adell, Rozalin and Laharl Kaiser V.

    Now if someone had the free BAAL dlc from couple months ago to share, that would be perfect. Damm final bossfight released as dlc

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    naruto for blEs? please!

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    Sep 2010
    amy non e ancora possibie?

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    Wow amazing! i hope that jak and daxter trilogy can be fixed now, can it be fixed to 3.55?

    Thank you very much for dragons dogma, going to get this one

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    holy crap! tks joe! praying for SSX

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