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    Inversion/LolliChainsaw are not playable on 3.55 yet, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboot79 View Post
    journey desmond assassins creed not work kick xmb...
    the game works perfectly! i play it on DEX.

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    game works, you are doing something wrong fellow friend.

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    kmeaw not working, debug / dex yes..
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    after a bit of help with fifa street and the repacked cfw fix the game still freezing when entering world tour mode on external with bd mirror any one got any ideas please?

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    Some people are crying about the Desmond journey not working, can anyone confirm that it does work for them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberyl View Post
    Anything about Disgaea 4 DLCs?, they're already fixed or not yet?
    I'll tell you which ones work after i finish the main story.

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    inversion and lollichainsaw are not yet playable hopefully soon

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    I dont think there are any eboots except for Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 and Carnival Island? Have I missed them? If not, this is a request, thanks.

    I thought I'd better post, because these games are not talked about much and likely to be forgotten. They are good for parties, though. Big game hunter 2010 is out but does not support move so isnt any fun trying to play using a controller like a mouse.

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    Anyone got link for Ace Combat BLES01392 patch? It seems the available patch only works w/ BLES01393. Well, I did find a link for it accompanied with reports that mentioned that it works (the "" link), but unfortunately the file is already deleted.

    Other method is to edit PARAM.SFO from BLES01392 to BLES01393, but it seems I don't have the tool to do that.

    Been stuck at this step for the last three days - the game is sleeping nicely in the internal HDD, waiting for the patch to be test.

    Oh, BTW, I got myself another rip of Devil May Cry HD Collection; this time all three (DMC1, DMC2, DMC3) work just fine. Tested on 3.41 & Multiman 4.04.04. Requirements:

    - BD-Mirror must be enabled (internal/ external).
    - Must have disc inside the drive.

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