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    Quote Originally Posted by ariark View Post
    Btw does assassin creed revelation have any patch .pkg files?
    no fix or pkg for this amazing game,we all wish their was for this one,so i bought it and will be uploading it to newgroups tomorrow

    there is no fix for blus which is usa version but i got the european fix try to download the eur edition or play around with the param sfo but i doubt it will work.

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    What are you talking about? Assassins creed revelations has a fix by Duplex.

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    yup assassins creed revalations works just fine 3.55.

    Here you go buddy dlc for god of war 3:

    1st folder is dlc 2nd is the fix doesn't matter which version you have I use actual disk and it works.

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    Hey. Does anyone know if the new Kingdom Of Amalar patch fixed the Internal HDD loading problem?

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    Jul 2011
    Sooo excited for the future ac revelations dlc by joe!

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    journey desmond assassins creed not work kick xmb...

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    ya but game is nowhere to be found? so i got to mm copy it and it is up and running what a cool game confirmed working

    assasins creed revelations is confirmed working folks with the fix by duplex, just copied my version from mm and overwrote files and wamma no freezing amazing game cant wait for assassins creed 3.

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    journey desmond is not working.

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    Thanks Joe. Very much appreciated. BTW my promise still stands, i never go back on my word.

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    thanks for the fixes

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