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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lzyslckr View Post
    I have a question. I deleted all my games from my usb (stupid) accidently and am wonder if I will have to download the fix again or not. And yes I know how much of an idiot move that was.
    If the fix was a .PKG fix you will not have to download the fix again as long as the game data is still on your PS3. If the fix was an Eboot.bin file fix you will have to download the fix again or you could use Deank's EbootFIX tool to fix some games manually.

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    lzyslckr Guest
    Cool. Thanks. I have to go download GBs of data now.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    Any luck finding some KOF XIII dlc share? I'm sure it can be fixed since 1.02 update works.

  4. #2914
    ariark Guest
    Btw does assassin creed revelation have any patch .pkg files?

  5. #2915
    themobrules Guest
    ariark No, it does not have any patch .pkg files. Just replace your backup's files with the fixed files provided by DUPLEX.

  6. #2916
    kalil Guest
    Hey people, i just new here, (with maybe a not really good english ) and i want to know some things (if anyone can tell me or help me or etc etc , if not i only have to wait)...

    The questions are:

    1. Any idea of the dlcs of Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle (the dlc of Radamanthys and etc etc)?
    2: Any idea of the dlc of God of war 3 (the costume of Deimos, not the other costumes, because the others are already fixed) (This is the one i really want)?

    Really thanks for the answers

  7. #2917
    ariark Guest
    hey thanks for the answer... btw i already replaced the files with the fixed but went i start the game all i got is a black screen... does it need any disc in it? bd mirror? how to get it to work? btw ACR can only be played frm internal HD right... just to make sure if i got the right files.. thanks again

    Edit: never mind thanks anyway... got it working...

  8. #2918
    kudosrhyme Guest
    Thank You Team DUPLEX, PROPOJOE, E3 for keeping the scene alive...

    Salute to the whole ps3news team too without you guys I would be waiting for the God sent ouya as my first console. lol

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    fantopoulos Guest
    very excellent work, this is why i love this site and tell all my friends about it, it is numero uno by far, keep up great work

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    friendsnet Guest

    Question fix for nfs the run blus retail edition

    can any one upload fix and method for blus30757 imars ?

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