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    letsjustplay Guest
    I'm getting a black screen from the fix that I dl from p235 - Bleach Soul Resurrection (BLUS30769)

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    jjkkyu Guest
    not exactly, EBOOT of hod4 is decrypted without any raps or keys. believe me someone can did that.

    and hi-nv dlc for exvs: http://rghost.net/39829854

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    CoolToBeMe Guest


    will we get a fix for (Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3-DUPLEX), cuz the current one sucks.. as it freezes at serendipity !??

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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jjkkyu View Post
    not exactly, EBOOT of hod4 is decrypted without any raps or keys. believe me someone can did that.
    Man, I told you in PM already. House of Dead 4 is NOT DECRYPTED. This is debug eboot. Nothing is fixed. This eboot is already like this.
    I dont know how to explain more. Like dongle patches, same thing happened here. NOT POSSIBLE to decrypt anything without keys, especially psn content which is additionally encrypted with NPDRM. Don't believe anything someone tells you. If you can get debug eboot for any new game, you can release it tomorrow. No problem.

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    hotd54me Guest

    house of the dead 4 problem

    don't get me wrong its a step in the right direction but wow i've been waiting forever for this game, finally a patch and the game is messed up lol for dex with peek and poke anyway? when holding down the t button in the game to shoot, the gun keeps reloading by itself a bunch of times at once for no reason, sometimes i get lucky and can unload a full clip on the crowd of zombies but otherwise gun constantly reloads, can anyone else confirm this?

  6. #2866
    jjkkyu Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    I saw your PM already, but what I know is not like you tell. I got the original release EBOOT and make it to use on dex, that's not a debug one, maybe it is really different to which you got. Time will give answers, let's hope hod3 and vf5s fix

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    The Walking Dead PS3 4.10 and Dyad Demo for 3.40+ MFW Fix Out

    Today PlayStation 3 EBOOT patch fixes for The Walking Dead PS3 4.10 and Dyad Demo for 3.40+ MFW by an anonymous developer named ps3patchr on IRC have been released.

    To quote (via pastie.org/private/rnta936xjojxuhqhrknzqg):

    ## the walking dead - episode 1 - A New Day demo

    patched for 3.40+ MFW

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/wzt0wg / http://uploadmirrors.com/download/1H...ot_patches.rar (Mirror) / http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/5...ches.rar_links (Mirror #2)
    password: TRYITTHENBUYIT

    d2ab2d1c83d3f731a928d743b7a2c180 the_walking_dead_e1_eboot_patches.rar

    ## Download pkg links:

    [Register or Login to view code]


    ## the sendspace link will be deleted in a few hours, so get it while you can.

    From IRC (ps3patchr was Mibbit AT host.7.202.broadband.redcom.ru):

    [ps3patchr] time to shake sht up
    [ps3patchr] pastie.org/private/rnta936xjojxuhqhrknzqg
    [ps3patchr] have fun
    [ps3patchr] in advance ... the only issue you may have is that after installing the pkg's you will be asked to update (if you are not spoofed)
    [ps3patchr] don't update
    [ps3patchr] rebuild disk db
    [ps3patchr] its mentioned in one of the readme files
    [ps3patchr] well rebuild after updating the PARAM.SFO
    [[A]KangB] oh! what a shtty method to patch VERSION on SFO
    [ps3patchr] if someone else cares to rebuild the pkg's ... well thats for someone else
    * ps3patchr did all the heavy lifting already ..

    From CaptainCPS-X: There is no need to rebuild the PS3 database or anything, I just tested my PKGs before uploading.

    1 – Download and install the demo from: DEMO -> UP2026-NPUB30741_00-WD1010000000GAME.pkg (473 MB)

    2 – Download and install one of these PKGs depending on what version you prefer (no need to install both, you can just install the latest):

    UPDATE 1 -> FIX_340+_UP2026-NPUB30741_00-WD101000001PATCH-A0101-V0101-PE.pkg (20 MB)
    UPDATE 2 -> FIX_340+_UP2026-NPUB30741_00-WD101000002PATCH-A0102-V0100-PE.pkg (17 MB}

    NOTE: For those who think this will make the “Demo” a “Full Game”, this is not it. The patch is to allow the Demo to be played in lower firmwares from 3.40+.

    To quote (via pastie.org/private/k28gvz8ufrrsnwaeopqtq):

    ## Dyad demo

    patched for 3.40+ MFW

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/mtiqwn / http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1...ched.rar_links (Mirror)
    password: TRYITTHENBUYIT

    e82c9fb78cb49bcfda458e85dd3cfa6f dyad_demo_eboot_patched.rar

    ## Download pkg
    http://bit.ly/Pw8VWs - http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...zzvXDqVVJg.pkg


    ## the sendspace link will be deleted in a few hours, so get it while you can.

    From IRC:

    [Anon] Something to mention is that those pkgs when downloaded from $0ny either need modification of the PARAM.SFO inside, or the HD db needs to be rebuilt once the PARAM.SFO is updated.
    [Anon] not much can be done about that without releasing the full pkgs
    [Anon] which is not for me to do.
    [Anon] there are tools for that already
    [Hellsing9] hdd encryption?
    [Anon] nah any tool that allows modifying a pkg, just need to replace the PARAM.SFO inside the pkg
    [Anon] or use spoofing.
    [Anon] when the pkg is installed the PARAM.SFO is used to create the db entry for the title
    [Anon] so if you install the sony pkg with the normal PARAM.SFO it will insist you need 4.xx firmware to run the title
    [Anon] modifying the PARAM.SFO after installation will not be reflected until the HD db is rebuilt from the service menu
    [Anon] spoofing gets around that.
    [Hellsing9] cool
    [Anon] they need to backup files
    [Anon] preferable that person has spoofing.

    From CaptainCPS-X: When you "manually" install those "patched" files (EBOOT.BIN, PARAM.SFO) you will need to rebuild the PS3 Database via Recovery Menu for example, for the changes to take effect (I never had to rebuild DB because of what I will explain later).

    What I been doing is:
    • download the "official" PKG using AldosTools Updater (aldostools.org/ps3tools.html)
    • extract its content into a new directory
    • replace the original EBOOT.BIN + PARAM.SFO
    • repack using AldosTools Shell Extension
    • Install new PKG
    • Play!... no need to rebuild PS3 database

    That is what he is saying on that chat quote, we still need the patched files, he didn't say how he patched the EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO. The system will not magically patch them just by replacing the PARAM.SFO.

    Dyad Demo (FW 4.10) - Patched for CFW 3.40+

    Here you have it! I made a simple and small patch for this demo.

    Installation Instructions:

    1- Download the Demo here: UP2073-NPUB30856_00-HDDDYADUNLOCKKEY.pkg (1.30 GB)

    2- Download the game patch PKG here: FIX_340_UP2073-NPUB30856_00-HDDDYADUNLOCKKEY.pkg (14 MB)

    3- Install Demo
    4- Install Patch
    5- Play!

    Finally, pr0p0sitionJOE has made available a TWISTED METAL: AXEL DLC & ONLINE PASS (BCUS98106) today and a proper DYAD 3.41/3.55 FIX for those interested- enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  8. #2868
    archangelz Guest
    Anyone got a fix for Super street fighter IV arcade BLUS30793 and not the euro version? All I can find is Euro patches everywhere and if I don't have to find another rip, it'd be great! Every link I've found either gives me an error is long dead. Thanks!

  9. #2869
    coresplendor Guest
    i'm having weird issues with Twisted metal... like sound issues, there's no music, the sounds from missiles, explosions, they just don't play, but crashes, engine sound, a few of them works just fine, another issue is, everytime the scenario is loaded, the camera just hangs there.

    i've watched a couple of videos and there's always a guy showing the scenario, but mine just hangs in the camera above the scenerio, then i press x and i can play, anyway, having these weird issues... anyone else?

    btw, using the clandestine' version... tks

  10. #2870
    kanketsu Guest
    I remember reading about this; it is said that you need to turn BD Mirror on in Multiman.

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