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  1. #2831
    wertyman Guest
    If anyone wants to know, I got the Fallout NV Ultimate edition to work with the blus30500 updates 1.06, 1.07 & replacing the eboot in the update with the fixed one & edited the param.sfo. Just thought people may want to know this works.

  2. #2832
    letsjustplay Guest
    DMC 1, 2 & 3 working.

  3. #2833
    Lando43 Guest
    DMC3 works for me. all of them do.

    another thing. House of the dead 3&4, do they require MOVE or they work with dualshock3?

  4. #2834
    fantopoulos Guest
    house of dead i tried install on kmeaw with mm and rogero and does not seem to work done it few times actually i can not get it to run, if anyone does let us know we would much appreciate it, i tried everything to no avail.

  5. #2835
    niwakun Guest
    same here, DMC 1-3 works just fine. Probably bad dump for those who had problems or maybe file permission problem.

  6. #2836
    kanketsu Guest
    Thanks for clarifying guys. Looks like I need to find better rip then.

  7. #2837
    puffadell Guest
    great work joe

  8. #2838
    jgduff Guest
    Wow thx PS3NEWS & thx DUPLEX & others!

  9. #2839
    ccoonnttii Guest
    great work dude

  10. #2840
    daivyphuong Guest
    hi all i need param this Games


    please upload it Thanks

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