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    WOW !! it just got real !!

    thanks Duplex, good things come to those who wait

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    ....totally speechless... i think its Christmas for cfw..

    thank you so much all, propJOE & duplex.

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    Much appreciated PropJoe and Duplex.. Like someone said before, ALL HAIL THOSE GUYS!! (Y)

    CFW back in full effect, now lets play those games!

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    Great job Duplex did. Awesome! I will fix many DLCs for games just fixed. I got excellent AC Revelation DLCs, Twisted Metal DLCs, etc.

    But people think about this... If no patches, what would Duplex fix now. No way anyone can fix new games without keys or the method. I dont support the way it was working their dongle, but they did give us many new games. That is a fact.

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    fingers crossed for SSX

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    This exactly. Maybe we'll see a 3.70+ keys flood.. At some point.

    Thanks for THOTD4! Which had a 3.70 param / keys.. Your a magical guy!

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    that's what i'm afraid of.... after all the dongle eboots have been leaked , now whats next?

    ts only the pre patched eboot or DRM has been cracked.. but the method of patching is still a mystery.

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    That sucks. I was hoping Persona 4 Arena will be released as well. Dongle companies will probably shut down, make harder DRM or mock us by saying they have new eboots but aren't sharing.

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    Guys please keep this thread on topic- it's only for posting download links to the release files and help getting them working. I will remove any offtopic posts from herein and continue to update this post with the latest links:

    PS3 DUPLEX Fixes:

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    thanks DUPLEX and also thanks to pr0p0sitionJOE for all your DLC.

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