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    Sep 2010
    Try looking for them on Newsgroups if you can and you might get lucky

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    Gundam is awesome! Nice work

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    Dang... Great job Duplex team! but the bad news is now i have to find EVERY game i patched with dongle fixes and overwrite them with the releases this is going to suck.

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    Mar 2006
    Great Job Duplex. I'm on Dex so I don't really need this but it's great to see new game fixes for 3.55.

    I feel bad for the dongle... not

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    Oct 2011
    Wow! Great job indeed! Team Duplex and PropJoe are very generous for sharing all these great news and games with us. Much appreciated guys. Keep up the awesome work It's truly great to see the scene alive and prosperous

    Thanks heaps!!

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    but what about ufc undisputed 3, naruto generations and raccoon city?

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    Mar 2012
    twisted metal please

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    Nov 2011
    Gr8t job !!!

    Any news about Lego Batman 2 ?

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    Apr 2006
    looking to get fix for these games

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
    Devil May Cry HD
    Twisted Metal
    Jak and Daxter Collection
    Ratchet and Clank All 4 One
    Dark Souls
    Portal 2

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    Aug 2012
    I need L.A NOIRE dlc pack can anyone fine a download link for me??

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