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    thx m8 for the info, this is a big release.

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    Still can't access Page 28 lol, can a MOD pm me with a fix please or is it a permanent forum bug ?

    Thanks for the links, although i can't access all of them, i saw a snippet on frontpage +like

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    I will PM you this also, but when that happens the easiest thing to do is clear your browser cache and relogin. If you are in Firefox you can press CTRL+Shift+Delete and then click "Clear Now" to them all.

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    I do the megaman 9 and 10 but with patience which is the primeraves please I do something about it.

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    Spelunker HD and Soldner X 1 are already out, though...

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    just found this, dunno if it works or not...


    [INT/EXT][BCES01175 EUR][KMEAW/MultiMAN][Works fine][Split_Game][Hermes EXT Disc-less][SC-36 INT Disc-less][DO NOT USE JOURNAL, CRASHES GAME]

    dl link:

    hope this helps

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    Would love to see some Resident Evil 4 HD, hell all of the RE , from the good old days. Good work on the RE: Code Veronica HD works great, shitty going back to the old view lol but I can dig it.

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