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    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    You're welcome, but, remember, that link is just for the game install, since that's what imranulferdoes was asking for. If anyone needs DUPLEX's fix, you can get it at: http://fileshare.in.ua/get/cdn_MzU4NDdlOTQyNTM2MGE1OWEzYWRmNzQ5OGU4ZjViMTdmaW xlc2hhcmVfZGx8MTEzOTE4MzY0MXwxMDAwMHwxfDB8fDFlYTk4 NzRjMWExZjllODZmNGRlMTdmNzJhOWE3M2Y2/MHw1NjA0NTUwfDExMzkxODM2NDF8MHw5MDcxODUzODQ5ZTM0Zj E1NDJiYTgzM2Q4MDY3MzQwMA,,/InFamous.2.Festival.of.Blood.NPUA80657.Crack.pkg

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    viero Guest
    Thanks propJOE and all others for the releases in the past few weeks. Much appreciated Keep up the awesome work guys! Cheers

    Hey guys... Been away for a while. Sorry if I'm asking for something that is out there already and I wasn't able to find myself. I did search for it but there are a few posts and a few different fixes and I'm not sure which one could be the proper one... If there is one already...

    Is there a proper fix for FIFA Street?

    Thanks in advance. Cheers

  3. #2743
    imranulferdoues Guest
    ih8Jelsoft bro, thank you so much. Yes bro it working direct here in our country. I been searching for this game so long. I am very happy, dear bro.

    propJOE bro, thank you so much to you too for the releases specially for Elder Scroll V Skyrim,dear bro. Will gonna be busy for months, bro. As well as thanks to other bros for all the fixes and continuous support.

    viero bro, here check this Fifa Street 2012 fix, hope and wish it work for you: http://www.myupload.dk/showfile/1LyF4LnCO.zip

    if link not work try here: http://www.gygan.com/download/315392Y38U (if the archive is locked the password: ilovee3)

  4. #2744
    tommasi Guest
    is there a fix for journey yet??

  5. #2745
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    No. And it won't be as long people will continue to ignore sharing and helping. I posted million times and explained everything regarding Journey. Only way to fix Journey is to get JOURNEY PUBLIC BETA. This is 3.60 and I can fix it.

    Current psn final release is 3.70 and not fixable. Many people got free vouchers last year to get this version of Journey but noone wants to share. So you cant have Journey on CFW. Find me this version and rap file and I will fix it.

  6. #2746
    ljepava Guest
    Any chance for metal gear hd fix?

  7. #2747
    jadekitten Guest
    you know i would if i had it.

  8. #2748
    JW117 Guest
    Thanks propositionjoe going to play carnival island. For ppl that doesn't know you can enable a developer menu for dead island.

    To enable developer menu on dead island open USRDIR/DI/Data0.pak file with WinRar, then within WinRAR, find and rename the debugconfdefault.scr to debugconf.scr then save the file as Data0.pak and then overwrite the original Data0 with the edited one.

    Finally run multiman or whatever app you use, restore permissions and run the game, there should be a mission select at the main menu and the developer menu should be available when you press start and a new option should be there in grey letters.

  9. #2749
    neociano Guest
    Just wanted to say thanks on the thread, just out of curiousity... now that we have dex and can run the the umvc 3 1.03 update is it possible to get this dlc? http://us.playstation.com/games-and-...alue-pack.html

    Its an additional 47 or so costumes and I personally haven't found it anywhere. I've looked for the pack everywhere and I'm sure it will be VERY popular if you be as so gracious as to upload it. The world war hulk costume is just boss. Thanks again

  10. #2750
    navaee Guest
    can you try a little bit more on this game :



    maybe you can somehow fix it for 3.55. it's the only and really only game on PSN that i like to play and unfortunately i have only one PS3 that i can not buy it on PSN because i will lose my entire backups.

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