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    Any fixes for Call_of_Juarez_The_Cartel?

    I tried the fix eboot to no avail its on 3.56.

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    Heya, I released many psn games last week, but I see some retails are not available for CFW, so I give you psn versions fixed...

    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    CARNIVAL ISLAND (NPUA80696) NOTE: This game requires PSMOVE.
    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    Patch 1.04 FIXED 3.41/3.55:

    Bloodbath Arena DLC PACK:
    DLC FIX 3.41/3.55: [The Ripper DLC inside]

    Have fun!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    the cursed-crusade-box.jpg   The Cursed Crusade pic1.jpg   carnival-island-cover.jpeg   Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC.jpg  

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    Thanks you! You are AWESOME!

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    thanks guys anyone can re-upload fix of PROTOTYPE (NPUB30389) the link is deleted.

    thanks in advance

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    Jak & Daxter Collection cannot be fixed with the 3.60 keys. It's a 3.73 game. People are trying to get it working, but the incomplete fixes released are currently for the PSN versions of the games, not the Trilogy disc version.

    From another site by johnnymandli: Guys, you don't have to post info on JAK. I already removed files yesterday and I announced the problem with JAK.

    Btw, like I said, JAK 1,2,3 works for me, and I got some reports that JAK 2 & 3 works fine, only JAK 1 is not working. I removed all JAK files untill game is fixed for everyone to use.

    Quote Originally Posted by nividia View Post
    thanks guys anyone can re-upload fix of PROTOTYPE (NPUB30389) the link is deleted.
    Not my link. Credit to BlackDeath/propJOE
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    I wonder if there is any fix for Assasin's Creed Revelations? Are we expecting one?

    It would be a great addition to this enormous list!

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    ACR is a 3.72 game. If a fixed EBOOT were to come out, I think it would probably be from E3 team.

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    ConsoleDev bro, you gave me the psn link for inFamous 2 bro. But dear bro, I need link for inFamous 2: Festival of Blood which psn id NPUA80657.. plzz bro.. to ih8Jelsoft bro too if possible.

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    I haven't found the direct link on $ony's servers. DUPLEX released Festival of Blood. You can find many links via google. Look for InFamous.2.Festival.of.Blood.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX

    imranulferdoes: Actually, I found a Russian link. I'm not sure if this direct link will work. It fed me at ~550KB/s.

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    thank you for sharing me the link and thanks BlackDeath/propJOE ^^

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