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    hi good day. Can someone upload the fix pkg 3.55 for resistance 3? all the links seem to be down. Thank you very much

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    ConsoleDev yes bro, the full game. Thank you so so much, dear bro...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikes View Post
    I can see the icon of Ace combat but once I run the game it returns to XMB.
    Maybe, it is NOT discless game. You could try inserting a GameBD in the drive. and try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxrevolver View Post
    Is it possible to get the BLES dongle fix version of Dungeon Siege III to work with the fix in the thread?
    The dongle fix for Dungeon Siege III was just an EBOOT and an edited PARAM.SFO. So, you need to d/l and replace your dongle EBOOT with the original EBOOT for your game, or use your backup, as you should have it

    If the version you have is BLES01161, you need to download Dungeon Siege III [BLES-01161] Select + X With BD CFW 3.55 Fix (via or and replace your dongle EBOOT.bin with that EBOOT. Then, install update 1.03 (from, and, finally, install the EP0082-BLES01161_00-DS3PATCHFIXED103.pkg (from

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    Is there any download link for Trine 2 NPUB30331 ?? I mean official server or whatever..

    Thanks in advance

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    Direct download for Trine 2:

    PS: I hope that this isn't against the rules of the site or something else

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    Thanks a lot. No its official link its ok.

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    WRC 2 FIA World Rally Championship 2011_BLES01442 patch test & working cfw 3.55

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    direct link

    Pls post the direct link for expendables 2

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    ok guys can someone please answer this question i see a lot of questions with answers and i'm hoping for some clarity did i get the wrong game for the fixes available or are those fixes for this jak n daxter collection i'm a lil lost.

    Disgaea 4 works fine from external you install the 2 pkg files which is almost 2 gigs then apply the 1.13 fix works great played over an hour.

    Quote Originally Posted by joshisposer View Post
    the update. I said the 1.04 update cause of move support. I can't get it to work on kmeaw 3.55.

    I mean, i haven't been requesting without searching i know it's patched but i really want the latest update patched so i can play it with the move. Festival of blood was awesome and i'd love to replay infamous 2 with the move.
    i have the proper update files you need to get infamous 2 blus version working with update 1.04 you need all other updates i have them if i can upload to mediafire and post here i will let me know if you want them

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