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    imranulferdoues Guest
    Dear bros, can you give me the Sony server .pkg link for InFamous 2: Festival of Blood - [NPUA80657] like Rayman Origins .pkg link or NFS The Run .pkg link..? Or bros, is there any application which can generate .pkg link for psn games and demos..?

  2. #2712
    daSlayer87 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fantopoulos View Post
    some you replace the eboot and param.sfo files and some you do not have to just put pkg onto a flash stick and install package then run game with mm
    Ok, but what does the pkg file? I mean does it affect the game backup somehow? I ask cause i wanna patch Batman Arkam City and wanna know if i have to save some original files like EBOOT or some other files in case there will be a cfw 3.55+ and i need to undo the fix.

  3. #2713
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    The PKG fixes do not alter your backup. They only replace files in the same place on your internal PS3 hard drive that official patches replace files. "Install package files" cannot write to USBx, anyway. If you're crazy/paranoid, you can check each one using Ifcaro's app "PKGview".

    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    is there anyway to download a retail patch for a game (using the downloader), change the game id on it then instal it to ps3 that's retail, not jb? how would you install it? via usb?
    I don't think so. OFW won't install any package that's not retail-signed. All homebrew tools just fake-sign. You can add "Install package files" to OFW using the hdd swap/downgrader method, and it will install packages from USB, but only properly-signed ones.

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    Tek9 Guest

    Madden NFL 12 update pkg

    This is only an update for BLUS-30770 just wondering if anyone has tried to fix this yet? I've tried different ways of doing it but to no avail says unsupported data on xmb when i try to launch from MM

    anyways if one of you guys want to give it a shot since the update is 3.60 it can be found here: http://depositfiles.com/files/01y437a3i

    Let me know how it goes thnx in advance. Oh yeah before i forget i also went ahead and unpacked the pkg file already it's included in the download with the update

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    jason809 Guest


    where i can download the game files?

  6. #2716
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Dear bros, inFamous 2 festival of Blood PSN .pkg link... plz... i will be very very happy to play infamous again.

  7. #2717
    ConsoleDev Guest
    If you mean the full game and not the fix here you go: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...wmawBtehUW.pkg

  8. #2718
    cursorsauce Guest
    It would be great if we knew who you're responding to here... and what game this is.

  9. #2719
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    I'm pretty sure he/she is responding to the post just before his/her, which asked for Infamous 2 Festival of Blood.

    I get the confusion, though. This thread has too many people responding to some previous post without a quote, so it's a guess as to what they're writing about.

  10. #2720
    maxrevolver Guest
    Is it possible to get the BLES dongle fix version of Dungeon Siege III to work with the fix in the thread?

    It just goes to a black screen and freezes my PS3.

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