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    i got a different solution folks it does not need to be installed to internal harddrive install the 2 pkgs in order update 1.03 and fix 1.03 then you change the eboot file after and only after the pkgs are installed then overwrite eboot file, i get sound on external hard drive using newest mm and 3.55 kmeaw no need to waste internal hard drive space if using same specs as me you will be fine.

    cheers hope this helps bunch out, also do not accept system update just say no then it will install game to hard drive needed to play and then trophies if you do the update system you will lose you cfw.

    sorry almost forgot i used us version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDeath View Post
    Lancia3 for Disgaea4, try my fix. It's working on my 3.55 Rebug.
    Thanks a lot this fix work great !!

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    Anyone got Bleach Soul Resurreccion (BLUS30769) working on 3.55?

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    Anyone have Brave BLES01633 working eboot ?

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    Thumbs Up BLES01428 MW3 patch 1.02 Fix

    This is BLES01428 MW3 patch 1.02 Fix by Knight (external + bd mirror) or (select and X) (COMFIRMED WORK!!!)

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    Please can any body tell how to fix call of duty mw3 dcomics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight1978 View Post
    This is BLES01428 MW3 patch 1.02 Fix by Knight (external + bd mirror) or (select and X) OR (COMFIRMED WORK!!!)

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    ok guys i see the fixes for the jak and dexter now what i need to know is are there separate games to get each one i downloaded jak and dexter collection thought that was it is there a fix for that or what do i need to do??

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    install the 2 pkgs? i've only seen one --UP1003-BLUS30778_00-SKYRIMPATCH00103.pkg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyth View Post
    Anyone has a black screen problem with Batman AC? I've tried everything but still black screen.
    You Have a Blueray Disc in your PS3? because this game need BD to run

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