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    i doubt duplex reads this.. but you never know.. as far as i'm aware nobody else can seem to do what they do. maybe i'm wrong but i haven't seen any others release psn games.

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    I've tried both Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection & Street Fighter III and had the same results. Running the crack for both throws an error.

    I'm still running with the original 3.55 Geohot CFW, is that part of the problem? I was only ever interested in adding emulators to my PS3 so this has been fine up until now. Do I need to move towards a more recent CFW? If so, any recommendations? I would probably go with Rebug, assuming it works properly on an old 60 GB phat ps3. Any pointers would be appreciated!

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    Use kmeaw cfw... i find it the best tbh

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    Thanks for the tips guys. Can I just update directly to kmeaw CFW 3.55 or do I have to jump through hoops and get back to OFW. Will this cause me to lose any of the emulator stuff already installed?

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    No you can just install Kmeaw, though you may need to reinstall Kmeaw versions of the Emulators if you installed specific Geo versions of the Pkgs.

    I'd uninstall any homebrew first, upgrade then reinstall your homebrew just incase you have any problems. It takes 5 minutes and it'll save any issues removing bad versions if they come up

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    Yea, definitively change to kmeaw. On kmeaw both works perfectly, QA flagged too. Beware, if you install a game like sonic 1st episode or Gow, you could see a trophy error. no panic. Just reboot your console, start a BD game with trophies, (pick one you like) then everything will be fixed. (happened with Sonic and Gow, fixed starting a trophy game)

    I meant trophy error after a QA flag.
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    Wink great

    thats great now i can play tnmt again.

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    OK, I backed up my saves, uninstalled everything, went back to OFW 3.55, updated to kmeaw CFW, installed multiman, emulation packages, and also tried some of the duplex releases and all is working great. Thanks for the help!

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    PS3 InFamous.2.Festival.of.Blood.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX 3105M

    +1 to DUPLEX, gotta love em

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermano View Post
    What about that new inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood?

    There is no stopping all the new releases at the moment...


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