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  1. #2671
    NeedDream Guest
    Are you running 3.41? How did you get to work if on 3.41?

  2. #2672
    HeyManHRU Guest
    If it won't work on 3.41 update to 3.55, since most people (including myself) can confirm it works on that FW.

  3. #2673
    kanketsu Guest
    Thanks for the info. Looks like I have some troubleshooting to do then ...

  4. #2674
    hey69 Guest
    can somebody tell me the difference between de 6mb Rayman origins PKG file and the 1.4GB version? thanx

  5. #2675
    shinji1982 Guest
    The 1.4 GB is the Game. The 6 MB file is only the Fix!

  6. #2676
    vallejo18 Guest
    Jak and Daxter BCUS version? Not the PSN... How could i decrypt it?

  7. #2677
    nikes Guest

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon BLUS30613 3.55 fix

    Hi! Can somebody help me and tell me what am I doing wrong? I am trying to make Ace Combat Assault Horizon (BLUS30613) work but all i get is an error.

    First, I am on 3.55 CFW KMEAW and Multiman 4.02.00. Here's what I did for Ace Combat Assault Horizon (BLUS30613)

    1. Copied game to internal HDD
    2. Applied official patch UP0700-BLUS30613_00-ACAHPATCH0000001-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg
    3. Replaced EBOOT.BIN and other files from BLUS30613 Ace Combat - Assault Horizon (downloaded from given link) to game folder hdd0/game/BLUS30613 using multiman
    4. Loaded game using multiman and run game from app_home
    5. Result: an error has been encountered

    I can see the icon of Ace combat but once I run the game it returns to XMB.

  8. #2678
    jarppikarppi Guest
    OK, this is driving me nuts! Is anyone else having the problem with Skyrim (BLES01329) having no music? Do I have to replace any files to fix the problem or is it a bug?

    I know it's nitpicking, since getting to play it free, but it's driving me crazy. Someone says music works and some say it doesn't. 0_o

  9. #2679
    shinintendo Guest
    I have skyrim working just fine, music and all.

    dunno what you got wrong, check if you're missing music files

  10. #2680
    helion Guest
    i never mentioned 3.41, i was talking about getting blus working with bles. in my personal opinion 3.41 is useless, update to 3.55 or get used to having delays and problems.

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