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  1. #2651
    acer1975 Guest
    Does anyone have a fix for Lord of the Rings War in the north (BLES30541)? I can't find it anywhere.

  2. #2652
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Anyone with COD Modern Warfare 3 with code BLUS30887? Would the fixes work for this version? If so, how do I install (the one here is BLUS30838 and BLES01433)
    I just tried it yesterday, the fix doesn't work with COD Modern Warfare 3 with code BLUS30887. What I did is first install the BLUS30838 patch and install the patch 3.55 fix, then rename the folder from 30838 to 30887, and replace the PARAM.SFO and fixed EBOOT.BIN with the one that edit the game code from 30838 to 30887... doesn't work. Load, black screen, and jump back out to xmb. Anyone have the solution for BLUS30887?

  3. #2653
    kartonpat Guest
    In order to have RAGE BLUS30485 working you need to install the patch fix for the BLES01426 and change the PARAM.SFO OF THE GAME (NOT THE FIX'S PARAM.SFO) from BLUS30485 to BLES01426 using SFO EDITOR. I tested it, it works on external using multiman.

  4. #2654
    Blobx Guest
    Hi guys, I was searching Borderlands' DLCs to download and I found them, but all links are down. Could someone re-upload it? (i need the DLC for the BLES00697 european version, because the BLUS DLCs doesn't work on european version).

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks

  5. #2655
    Xyth Guest
    Anyone has a black screen problem with Batman AC? I've tried everything but still black screen.

  6. #2656
    jarvis Guest
    Does anyone have the full link to the original package? Thanks!

    Sorry, nevermind. Found it here: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/E...zuUbDxNqec.pkg

  7. #2657
    wwywong Guest
    How do you search official patch anymore? Where you look for it? Thx

  8. #2658
    hubiro Guest
    Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 is out for psn could anybody fix it plz.

    I really want to play it.

  9. #2659
    jotavip Guest
    What about MGS4 with the trophy patch? It don't run in 3.55 anymore. Anyone knows which FW version it requires?

  10. #2660
    maxrevolver Guest
    Does Dungeon Siege III need to be ran externally?

    Because I got a black screen when I ran it internally after installing the .pkg for it.

    Is there maybe something else I'm missing?

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