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    nikes Guest
    Hi! Can somebody help me and tell me what am I doing wrong?

    I am trying to make Ace Combat Assault Horizon (BLUS30613) and White Knight Chronicles II (BCES01085) work but all i get is an error.

    First, I am on 3.55 CFW KMEAW and Multiman 4.02.00

    Here's what I did for Ace Combat Assault Horizon (BLUS30613)

    1. Copied game to internal HDD
    2. Applied official patch "UP0700-BLUS30613_00-ACAHPATCH0000001-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg"
    3. Replaced EBOOT.BIN and other files from "BLUS30613 Ace Combat - Assault Horizon" (downloaded from given link:http://anonfiles.com/file/8d55be90bf...cbe95c56da6503) to game folder hdd0/game/BLUS30613 using multiman
    4. Loaded game using multiman and run game from app_home
    5. Result: an error has been encountered

    I can see the icon of Ace combat but once I run the game it returns to XMB

    For White Knight Chronicles II (BCES01085):
    1. Copied game to internal HDD
    2. Replaced EBOOT.BIN and other files from "[BCES01085] [RETAIL] White Knight Chronicles II(BCES01085)" downloaded from (http://anonfiles.com/file/db5551d39b...85cf929bd06627) to internal HDD
    3. Loaded game using multiman
    4. Game Loads but freezes after first few cutscenes

    I also tried updating using "EP9000-BCES01085_00-PATCH0100TO0101P-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg" then replaced EBOOT.BIN from hdd0/game/BCES01085 with fixed EBOOT.BIN but the it wont load and result in an error.

    Please help me, what am I doing wrong?...Thanks

  2. #2642
    Renold Guest
    Weird. I use it with firmware v2 but it's possible that maybe you have a bad dump of the game. To me it happened with Dark Souls months ago. I was going crazy until I used a different one and it worked.

    Mine is bytes, 314 files, 36 folders. I deleted the name of the scene group that released it though so it's just a generic DIS4 folder with BLUS30727 inside. Sorry I can't be of any more help ^^".

  3. #2643
    nikes Guest
    I made it work: got past cutscenes without freezing

    For White Knight Chronicles II (BCES01085):
    1. Copied game to internal HDD
    2. Replaced EBOOT.BIN from http://www.mediafire.com/?osfew99w7sahb8h to internal HDD
    3. Loaded game using multiman

  4. #2644
    NeedDream Guest
    is this eboot for 3.41, and did you apply an update first?

  5. #2645
    nikes Guest
    nope, its for 3.55.. and i did not applied any patch.. just replace the eboot with the one from the link.

  6. #2646
    Elivonne Guest
    Mine is a bit bigger, it has 4 more files... But searching for a new version and downloading it is too much for me. At least now. I guess I will wait and hope for somebody to upload it...

    It seemed that this game works for everybody with rebug so I switched to it (I wanted to do it anyway for the DLC) but I'm still getting the same error (8001003C). I think I will give up for now. ><

  7. #2647
    bobito Guest
    Any solution for MW3 BLES01430? It still doesn't work...

  8. #2648
    MikeD23 Guest
    Could someone upload the original files (EBOOT.BIN, .sprx, PARAM.SFO) from Deus Ex: Human Revolution (BLES01151)? I have only the infected files...

  9. #2649
    DragoMaster95 Guest
    Can you reupload the fix of Jak And Daxter 1, 2 and 3? Please.

    The links are offline.

  10. #2650
    hey69 Guest
    I can confirm Rayman Origins (http://rghost.net/39508377) works

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