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    thanks lando. i got the patch you posted for BLJM FF XIII-2 and it's 3.65. also got the latest one for BLES and its 3.73

    so guess we're out of luck

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    Nov 2011


    does anyone know if bles fix of saints row the third works for blus version? or any chance of a blus fix? thanks

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    Try replacing the EBOOT and PARAM.SFO files from the BLES version to BLUS and then installing the fix. Remember to backup them somewhere, though just for case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratboy112 View Post
    To bad Catherine doesn't work for me. Keep getting the 80010017 error. I replaced the eboot and the param.sfo. External and Internal.

    works for me.

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    Jun 2012
    Ehm, no. You need:

    - multiman
    - the game (with untouched eboot and untouched param)
    - the big update pkg (1.7GB)
    - the fix for the update pkg
    - the fixed eboot

    Put the game in the game folder, install the big update, then install the fix for the update and only after this you take out the eboot from your usrdir and replace it with the fixed one.

    Load the game with multiman, let it do the changes and that's it. You're back in the xmb, launch the game from app_home, wait some 10 seconds or less and it starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Anyone with COD Modern Warfare 3 with code BLUS30887? Would the fixes work for this version? If so, how do I install (the one here is BLUS30838 and BLES0143)
    i also have this same version and the fix does not work, black screen. does anybody have a solution to this? or can someone post their param.sfo for blus 30838? would be greatly appreciated

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    Thanks I'll give it a try.
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    so anyone tried MGS4 trophy patch? what FW version is it? don't have a PC to check.

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    OK, now that was very easy to understand, thanks. I just didn't realize that this fix for the update existed... Now at least I know I'm not doing it wrong, but...

    It still doesn't work, just keeps giving me that 8001003C error. I tried using every fix from this thread with no luck. Is it possible that these fixes just don't like kmeaw users? -.-

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    Thanks it worked!!

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