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  1. #2621
    Iustaz Guest
    Ok, at least someone can tell me why Sniper Ghost Warrior isn't working, I get black screen when I start it, I'm on 3.55 kmeaw.

  2. #2622
    Lando43 Guest
    Nogitsune, download the patch. extract it and get the eboot. then use scetool

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  3. #2623
    Lancia3 Guest
    Hi , i tried Disgaea, Uncharted 3 and some other fix but none work... always thrown me back on menu with error 8001003C. Did someone know what going on ? thanks

  4. #2624
    Elivonne Guest
    I didn't get a single thing from it... I was trying to make it work for a really long time and using many different methods but none of them actually worked. It's hopeless.

    Could someone just explain it so that everybody would understand? I have these:

    1. game update (1.7GB)
    2. eboot fix (~2MB)
    3. actual game (3.2GB)

    Ok, I installed this update and replaced an eboot, but now what? How do I launch the game? Every time I tried to do this I was only told to make an update to 3.60 or higher. Well, sometimes nothing happened. I stopped believing it's possible, how did you guys launch it?

  5. #2625
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Disgaea 4 has different keys, but you can play the Jap version with an english patch applied.

    For Uncharted 3, it has an automatic patch that has to be ran from the ps3_game folder. It supposed to work for 3.55 and 3.41, so a little more detail about what you did would help.

  6. #2626
    Lancia3 Guest
    for Uncharted 3 i just installed the 1.12 patch and the fix 3.55 (the .pkg one), i am on 3.55 kneaw with no spoofer or anything and Multiman 4.04

  7. #2627
    Lando43 Guest
    for uncharted 3 make sure you use this fix work great for me.


  8. #2628
    ratboy112 Guest
    To bad Catherine doesn't work for me. Keep getting the 80010017 error. I replaced the eboot and the param.sfo. External and Internal.

  9. #2629
    wwywong Guest
    Anyone with COD Modern Warfare 3 with code BLUS30887? Would the fixes work for this version? If so, how do I install (the one here is BLUS30838 and BLES01433)

  10. #2630
    BlackDeath Guest
    Lancia3 for Disgaea4, try my fix. It's working on my 3.55 Rebug.


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