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  1. #2611
    bluewolfknight Guest
    hi all. pls reupload fix for top gun please.

    anyone have psn-ps2 classics? thanks.

  2. #2612
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Dirt 3 BLES01287: 3.55 New Fix [No controller Problem]


    works perfectly in External HDD with Rogero Manager (USB Mount)

  3. #2613
    Lando43 Guest
    This is MGS4 trophy patch for Japanese version BLJM67001

    http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...0-V0202-PE.pkg 500MB

    haven't checked what FW version it is yet. maybe some can check.

  4. #2614
    Nogitsune Guest
    does anyone know if final fantasy XIII-2 has a 3.60 patch?

    since the old eboot is flawed on some minigames.

  5. #2615
    jarppikarppi Guest
    Seconded! I've only the minigames left in Serendipity for 100% completion and secret ending. The game freezes on casino and chocobo races.

  6. #2616
    sharkraiden Guest
    And somebody can make Final Fantasy XIII-2 patch and dlc-s to work?

  7. #2617
    Lando43 Guest
    FFXIII-2 has 4 sprx files. do you guys replaced the sprx files with the ones released for the dongle patch? that's supposed to fix the problem.

    this is the earliest patch I could find for the game. 1.02 for BLJM release. haven't checked the FW version.


    there was a 1.01 day1 patch too. can't find links to that.

  8. #2618
    Nogitsune Guest
    to lando43: without the sprx files it won't go past a certain chapter. thus not being able to finish the game at all. the problem with mini games occurs with the dongle's sprx.

    the problem either lies with the sprx not being 100% compatible or the eboot itself. either way no CFW user can play the minigames in casino, or make a second save (also hangs).

    how can we determine the version of a patch ?

  9. #2619
    fallingdove Guest
    Hey, does anyone have the Xenogears and Chrono Cross PSN games + fixes on hand? I can't seem to find them anymore. Propositionjoe perhaps?

    If someone has active links or could upload them for me, it would be appreciated.

  10. #2620
    Blobx Guest
    Hi guys, I was searching Borderlands' DLCs to download and I found them, but all links are down. Could someone re-upload it? (i need the DLC for the BLES00697 european version, because the BLUS DLCs doesn't work on european version).

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks

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