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  1. #2601
    nenele84 Guest
    hello to all how installed need for speed the run pkg 9 giga please help me.

    thank you.

  2. #2602
    Iustaz Guest
    Come on guys, really nobody can fix RAGE BLUS?

    And for FIFA Street with World Tour freezing is a solution for good? Everything I've tried has not working...

  3. #2603
    DIXES Guest
    You can use FTP or multiMAN to copy pkg from your PC or USB HDD into /dev_hdd0/packages folder, but it seems that /dev_hdd0/packages only exists on Rebug CFW.

  4. #2604
    esmjanus Guest
    I found a tutorial:


    1. Split game with Split4G and move split files into a folder called _[your game title], then move folder onto a USB drive.
    2. Start Multiman and press [start+select] to enter FileManager and move _[game title] folder from USB to PS3 folder /dev_hdd0/package/.
    3. In /dev_hdd0/package/ find and open _[game title] folder and select your game .pkg [highlighted red] by pressing the X button.
    Multiman will go back to the XMB.
    4. Go to "Install Package Files" and install the game .pkg.
    5. Install patch update (if present) and fix. Play the game from XMB.
    6. You can go to MM FileManager and delete the _[game title] folder from /dev_hdd0/package/ folder. To free space on PS3.

    Split4G Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/90307996/split4G.rar

  5. #2605
    MikeD23 Guest
    1) Copy it on the PS3 over ftp in any folder
    2) Open Multiman File Browser
    3) Navigate to the directory and open the pkg
    4) MM asks to close and to install over XMB
    5) Now you can see your pkg in "Install Package Files"

  6. #2606
    NeedDream Guest
    Has anybody managed to fix WhiteKnights 2 for 3.41, read its was working for 3.55 without all the bugs. As well is there a 3.41 fix for Saints Row the Third out there?

  7. #2607
    nenele84 Guest
    thank you I can finally play miked23.

  8. #2608
    bobito Guest
    Any Fix for COD-MW3 BLES01430?

    I try all fixes, but it doesn't still work..

  9. #2609
    Renold Guest
    Thank you very much. I thought it was a full update and that I just needed the small update fixed and nothing else. Instead I needed the whole update and the little fix for the update.

    It took almost 2 hours to install the update from a 32GB 3.0 pen drive... but now everything works like a charm. Bliss!

  10. #2610
    Raspberyl Guest
    Mine is still not working

    I installed the Update then the Fix, and multiman to run it, just to show me an error "8001003C"

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