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  1. #2591
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    Aug 2012
    Nobody can help me with RAGE BLUS3048 version?

    I can't find any EBOOTS...

  2. #2592
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    Apr 2012
    I would like to give a big supercalifragilisticexpeliadocious shout-out to esmjanus. Thank yo very much for the reply & helping me out, my friend. You are a godsend. I would have replied sooner but I was busy searching & I found NADA! This is the best site ever IMHO. Also, a big thank yo to Propjoe & others like him who work tirelessly & selflessly to give gamers like me these wonderful games. May your kind multiply & propagate. Thank yo very much again!

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    Jun 2012
    I think I'll be the 4th or 5th person saying this: Disgaea 4 doesn't work.

    Put the US stuff into the usual GAME folder, put the fixed update into a pen drive.
    Exit multiman, installed the update, went in again, took out the eboot (5MB) and replaced with the fixed one (2MB).
    Launched. It's a 3.66 game, change param to 3.55? Yes.
    Setting permissions.
    Back to XMB, went to app_home. You hear the typical Disgaea music playing. Launch. Black screen.
    Done the same from the disc icon. Black screen.
    Tested from internal, with dongle plugged in, game size is 3GB.
    Tested without dongle too, but as soon as multiman starts it says it doesn't find bdemu or something like that so it's pointless.

    Sadness all around.

  4. #2594
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    Jan 2010

    Spider-man Edge of Time

    Does anyone know if there is a fix for Spider-man Edge of Time?


  5. #2595
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    Feb 2012
    Devil May Cry 4 USA BLUS30092 i cant find eboot for this game if someone have please !!!

  6. #2596
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    Nov 2011
    You don't need fixed eboot for DMC. It's 3.21 game afaik.

  7. #2597
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    Jul 2012
    can your help me for RAGE blus30485 ?

  8. #2598
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    Jun 2009
    install the update of the game, it size around 1.7gb, then install the fix.

    also you will not touching the game rip itself, the fix goes around on the game update itself so if you touch anything on the game rip, then you done it in the wrong way.

  9. #2599
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    Feb 2012
    I also try all method for skyrim but without success doesn't work for me:

    BLES1330 - Skyrim

    Put tham on external hdd internal but always i get error !

  10. #2600
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    Sep 2010
    The eboot and sprx fix of Need For Speed The Run isn't compatible with Game Update v1.03?

    After intro of game, it is freezed on loading screen. Is fix only for v1.01 without Game Update?

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