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    lele0o0o Guest

  2. #252
    mack3212 Guest
    this is cool

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    makots Guest

    Uncharted 3-Duplex

    How about Uncharted 3-Duplex so it can run on CFW 3.55

  4. #254
    Natepig Guest
    I think that one is one of the regular game rips that they have been doing for years. All the psn stuff has it in the file name.

  5. #255
    jarvis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lele0o0o View Post
    This is the one game I was looking forward to, but it doesn't seem to work. I have CFW 3.55. The app installs correctly, but I get an error running the crack. Has anyone had any success?

  6. #256
    elser1 Guest
    can duplex fix games like the psn version of infamous 2?i know its avialable anyways for cfw disc rip version but i'm just wondering if they can fix psn games versions.. ps seems to be releasing more new top titles on psn downloads so that be mad if they can hack them all..

  7. #257
    Hermano Guest
    What about that new inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood?

    There is no stopping all the new releases at the moment...

  8. #258
    Ozz465 Guest
    Its rather crazy how the scene went from 0 to 60 recently.

  9. #259
    Hermano Guest
    Has anyone tried Back to the Future part 1? The sound skips every couple of seconds and its quite annoying. I have deleted game data and re-installed but still happening...

  10. #260
    SexyVampiire Guest
    I don't consider myself smart enough to do this myself, So I will request a few games here if nobody minds.

    Spelunker HD
    Megaman 9
    Megaman 10
    Soldner X (Already have #2, but #1 would be good too)
    Hitogata Happa
    Crescent Pale Mist
    Gunstar Heros
    PS3 C++ Programming Tool / Licence (Sells in the PSN for 100 USD)
    Buirnout Paradise (With all addon content)
    And generally addon content for existing games.

    It would really be wonderful if there was an automated process for altering the licences as well. That would completely eliminate a constant effort by a decryption team since everyone can just get the pkg files.

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