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    Does anyone have the original BLUS Deus Ex EBOOT that they can up for me?

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    Apr 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by kartonpat View Post
    I tried this fix for the BLES01150 version and didn't change the DFEngine.sprx file...
    Is it working ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallingdove View Post
    Does anyone have the original BLUS Deus Ex EBOOT that they can up for me?
    Also, getting a black screen using the BLUS as base with the BLES FIX/PKG.

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    Just tried WWE '12 and worked perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkY View Post
    Is it working ?
    Yes it's working on External HDD not internal I already said it but I don't know why it wasn't shown in my previous post.

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    Apr 2011
    Ok man it works for me too , but did you try the missing link dlc ?? and if yes did it work for you ? cause it gave me a black screen...

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    Having trouble with Uncharted 3 (BCUS98233) can I get some help please?

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    Thanks for the fixes:

    Also, is Monster Hunter 3rd HD fixable (I know it was released after OFW 3.70, but still)?

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    How do I fix Disgaea 4?

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    Ok i got skyrim working finally by getting the eboot * param.sfo & just using update 1.03 than the fix & use the disc in tray method.

    but i still can't get Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion to work, does anyone know where i can get the fixed eboot & para.sfo for blus version?

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