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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeD23 View Post
    Has anyone successfully fixed the BLES007490 Dead Island?

    I got no video. With Original Eboot and that from the fix.
    No Video for me either BLUS version

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    bleach is not working

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    Dec 2009
    Try this out. People have reported success.

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    Pls can you get naruto ninja storm generations and bleach soul ressureccion eboots?

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    Dead Island working now... changed param.sfo to 3.55 -not working external, but working on internal

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    Sly Trilogy eboot and param.sfo please ? All the links are dead

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    Can some please make/post a Saints Row the Third 3.41 eboot or eboot.pkg please.

    As well has anybody had success with Kingdoms of Amular on 3.41. I keep getting error 80010007.

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    hey guys i have some issues with a couple of gamea.

    i have used many of the fixes from this thread to fix games with success but 2 games i cant get to work is Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, & elder scrolls skyrim.

    my skyrim was backed up by using multiman like usual to internal & applied. all patches but didn't change eboot or param.sfo because no usb at momment get error. no matter what i try.

    so i'm guessing since some games i have done needed eboot & param.sfo replaced.

    is that the case here

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    So the fix won't work even if you rip the 3D movies out?

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    I tried this fix for the BLES01150 version and didn't change the DFEngine.sprx file...

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