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    Oct 2009
    fix done by me

    Dark souls multi5 (ita,fra,spa,eng....) bles01396 cfw 3.55 fix

    Hello guys now you can enjoy dark souls in your language this fix is for bles01396 ABSTRAKT Release that is Multi language


    just left the release clean and install this package


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    Uncharted 3?

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    Jan 2012
    Uncharted 3 patch 1.12 working with DUPLEX release untouched (if you have rips or other modified files from previous fix it wont work)



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    Guys any news for Assasin's Creed Revelations? I just finished Brotherhood

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    Aug 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    Saints Row The Third (BLES01342) Fix
    Don't work for me

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    Skyrim EU EBOOT Fix doesn't work properly. The update .pkg runs the game, but still no music or certain sounds.And the EBOOT files makes the game unplayable, the XMB icon shows and error if the EBOOT files are replaced. The original EBOOT files that I had backed up worked properly and saved me from a heart attack though

    So is this a game rip problem or a known issue?

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    The dark souls EU fix does not work still says 3.60 required...

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    Have you changed the version in the Param.sfo file? MultiMan should automatically do it, if not just look up an SFO editor and change the firmware to "3.55" and it should work.

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    Tested it, .PKG works with BLES release: (EU EBOOT Fix)

    The PARAM.SFO is corrupted which gives the XMB error, so don't replace it, only the EBOOT file. I wonder if the problem is in the sound files or something... Has anyone else this problem?

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    Changed both param.sfo in the disc (was 3.7) and the game update folder (was 3.6) but still says 3.6 required.

    The US fix works fine once you change the param.sfo to the US one... so don't know what's wrong here.

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