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  1. #2531
    drakemood Guest
    hey guys, can you help me, do you have original eboot, for saint row the third and nba 2k12? thank you before

  2. #2532
    jarppikarppi Guest
    I'm also having this problem, I think the problem maybe because the fix is BLUS and I put the EBOOT files for a BLES release. Is it possible to get a BLES fix for Skyrim, otherwise the game's playable, but music and the character sound effects (like shouts and grunts) are missing.

  3. #2533
    SnowVill Guest
    please fix Assassin's Creed Revelations

  4. #2534
    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by drakemood View Post
    hey guys, can you help me, do you have original eboot, for saint row the third and nba 2k12? thank you before
    I'll see if I can find them but keep in mind they are both 3.70 as is assasin's creed revelations

    Nvm I have no idea what I'm talking about

    SAINTS ROW 3 EBOOT FIX 3.55 (Saints_Row_The_Third-PS3-DAGGER)

    Saints Row The Third (BLES01342) Fix





    3. Start The Game in MULTIMAN by pressing SELECT + X

    Credit to Clue112

  5. #2535
    haafling Guest

    I'm trying to get the fix 3.55 (with param.sfo) for Sly Trilogy but all the links are dead ... Can someone upload it ? Thanks a lot !

  6. #2536
    Lando43 Guest
    idolmasters 2 updated 1.02 is 3.60 BLJS10083

    download: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...2-V0100-PE.pkg

    fixed I made, replace the eboot in X:\GAME\BLJS10083 NOT TESTED as I don't have the game, someone test.


  7. #2537
    drakemood Guest
    thank you very much sir, let me try this at once and post the result

  8. #2538
    swensonb Guest
    UMVC tested working, converted my BLUS game to BLES, installed the BLES FIX PKG, then get ORIG BLES EBOOT and edited the PARAM to 3.41 coz when i use 3.55 it kicks me out of an error

    then test if it works... mine is data installing as i type soo slow data installing


  9. #2539
    sherlockholmes Guest
    Work at 10000000% Thank you

  10. #2540
    JOshISPoser Guest
    anyone wanna give US inFamous 2 update 1.04 a shot?

    I got some decent help, but then we kinda hit a brick wall. I couldn't get it to boot without asking to update system software, but then the guy sent me a fix that got the move logo to boot, but that's it. Next, the guy gets me another fix and it boots past the update logo but fails the install, so i revert back to 1.00, have it install, then update and apply fix but then it black screens.

    I can send someone the fix if they want to look at it; it's in pkg format.

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